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  1. I will be there... still working out a schedule though.... and will be staying at friends house so really I am just gonna go with the flow. Leaving end of June from Vancouver.
  2. GG meSeat 1: XxMagiciaNxX (19152 in chips) Seat 2: lion_rai (12610 in chips) is sitting outSeat 3: Im robbing U (8425 in chips) Seat 4: dangdokodang (63735 in chips) Seat 5: murok (13600 in chips) Seat 6: JDforce (52186 in chips) Seat 7: alkemizt (78601 in chips) Seat 8: msrounky (35450 in chips) Seat 9: StopKicking (39200 in chips) XxMagiciaNxX: posts the ante 200lion_rai: posts the ante 200Im robbing U: posts the ante 200dangdokodang: posts the ante 200murok: posts the ante 200JDforce: posts the ante 200alkemizt: posts the ante 200msrounky: posts the ante 200StopKicking: posts the ante 200al
  3. at around 3700 nothing special got walks with AA wee
  4. doubled up first hand after break AA vs QQ AA held somehow
  5. 15k at the 2nd break a whole lot of **** cards
  6. Im in and listening to a little MC hammer You Can't Touch this !!!! OBV
  7. yes by gods you may be right, but if I win 200 chips a hour I may play you HU in a couple days
  8. was up to 18k now down to 10k made a play and guy called a call he should never do in his life, but he did and won
  9. thx for railing.... that AQ vs 55 hurt then to chop that A4spades .... they turned a no win switch on me there
  10. pretty sure its mattg198? I had KK the hand before the AA's nice timing
  11. ya only 107 more million in chips to go hehe alotachipaments
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