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  1. OoooOO.. the beaches.. well laa dee daaa, hahaha. kidding, see u there mansorry, the forest hill game runs wednesday. i know you were all excited to see how us jews live...
  2. theres a 1-2 NL game in the beaches on tues nite if this party thing sucks... ill be at the hard rock btw.
  3. so basically, you suck at poker and are annoyed that the kids you picked on in high school destroy you at the card table?
  4. TNL-justblaze = rgper, you knew that right?Patrickshhhh, dont spoil my fun.
  5. 1 year ago i was busted. about 11 months ago i was given 30$ on pokerchamps, and played 5c 10c NL. today my roll is about 15k.
  6. do you understand the word undisputed? i dont think you do.
  7. well, obviously it depends on the game, but in my personal experience with 10-20 LHE in the southern Ontario region, it plays worse than 3-6 online. probably more like 2-4. and if it gets shorthanded, more like 1-2 6max.
  8. my friend went out to do the whole tree planting thing. quit after 2 days. on the drive back he hit a pheasant. now, apparently, pheasants are like rocks. they will mess up your car pretty bad.
  9. they either keep a roll of quarters handy (no joke), tip at the end of the downs, or in many cases dont tip. tipping is not required. it is extra. If i were Joe Hachem, and i had dealers complaining about my tip, i would ask for my $100 back.
  10. He didn't fold. He moved all-in.and theres definitely no way anyone could change the contents of a post after its been posted. and theres definitely no way one could know a post has been changed aft... oh. wait.
  11. bankroll management help it seems like. and probably tilt management.
  12. I disagree, there's no reason someone has to take risks like this. Building a bankroll gradually can get boring but it's also the surest way to advance.But if you're going to take a shot, try something a wee bit safer than 10x your usual stakes. Maybe have a look at a $50 or $100NL game if you want to have a chance to jump up.And i disagree with this.Taking shots is an easy way to boost your bankroll...you just have to know how to do it correctly.First you take your normal bankroll of X time 300 BB...For instance 3K for a 5/10 game. Once you build yourself up enough 20BB or so into a game t
  13. the suggested bankroll requirements are only a starting point. they are calculated based on risk of ruin given assumed variance, which obviously will usually not be the actual variance of a player who adopts such bankroll requirements. Each players actual bankroll requirements in order to achieve a <1% risk of ruin will be dependent on their individual play and, accordingly, their variance. however, this argument needs to be divided into 2 components in order to have any meaning: theoretical and practical.theoretically, NL is a higher variance game. we need not consider the stakes. they are
  14. this is the worst thread ever. you're all stupid.
  15. For justblaze (and others ive seen in the past), i think i have to put an end to this once and for all...It's risk aversion, not risk adversity.You cannot be "adverse" to risk. You can, and most rational human beings are, _averse_ to risk.oops, you are right. To econ_tim...What's interesting is that, when deciding which has a higher standard deviation/variance, you used LHE and NLHE stakes that required comparable bankrolls.Think about what that means. The way in which one would go about deciding an adequate bankroll would be the variance, and now you're comparing the variances relative to ba
  16. u dont have to be that degraded. they paid some idiots buyin to the WSOP provided he wore a rabbit suit with golden palace written on it. i think he had problems getting into the casino with the rabbit hat though.
  17. good post blaze.ty. now if only i could hand that in as my poly-sci paper due tommorow morning :cry:
  18. that was a one-off thing i think. on another note, i will be going to rama tommorow. if any FCPers are going, ill either be at nickel craps, or 10-20 LHE. (possibly 20-40 but i doubt a game will be going).
  19. i should also add that any theoretical comparision between LHE and NLHE must assume identical risk adversity for both games. this means that the hypothetical player in this type of comparision must be willing to gamble with the same edge in both games. if he accepts 50-50 situations in LHE, he must accept 50-50 situations in NLHE, or else any theoretical comparision is invalid. of course, this is unlikely to occur in the real world. in a practical examination, players will have different thresholds of risk adversity in different betting structures, i.e. they will have different playing styles.
  20. Op, ignore everything else in the thread but this. The above answers your question accurately.actually, it doesnt, and its not even close. tim, despite his good intentions, has erred. the comparision between a 30-60 LHE game and a 50c $1 NL game is not silly, and can easily be done. variance is a very specifically defined mathematical term. variance can be calculated exactly. no limit hold em is a higher variance game than limit hold em. this is because of the nature of the game: more money is risked at once (given stakes with similar bankrolls). most of the posters in this thread do not unde
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