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  1. Im going to head over to Wynn in around 2 hours or so, ill be sure to check out the scene and try to get everyone an update on whats going on (if I can see anything)
  2. A lot of me and my friends here just use the term monkey and donkey interchangeably ( sp?) So maybe he was doing the same thing.
  3. I read this entire post and then looked at the dates and could not believe that it all happened today!?! Holy crap guys, get over it!!! Youre both acting like 3 year olds! Ive actually found both of your posts in the past in other topics to be very amsuing/entertaining/informative/funny but this one JESUS CHRIST!!! SHUT UP! DrawingDead 1)sorry about your friend that really does suck 2)Who cares about getting someone banned from an internet chat forum I mean come the f.uck on how gay is that, its freedom of speech who cares about him if you dont like him. Just ignore him. 3)You seem like a cool
  4. Theres also been some REALLY good deals at the Luxor and Monte Carlo lately. Those are both pretty decent places to stay, better than the other ones listed so far at least, plus there both in great locations. The Monte Carlo is right across from the MGM which has a great room and the Luxor is right next to the Mandalay Bay which has a pretty soft game.
  5. Someone mentioned they didnt like Straddles or Baseball caps. Why not? Hey man Im half black and half white and if youve ever seen our hair before you HAVE to understand that sometimes weve got to cover that loose curled fro up with a ball cap! With the straddles I think theyre great in an uber tight game, might as well get some money in that pot somehow!
  6. Heres the weird thing about this event, the structure was GREAT! I was working the first two days of it for gutshot.com and the players started with 30k in chips and the blinds started out at 25 and 50 which is unreal realtive to starting amounts. It allowed for TONS of great poker and great play. For some reason when it gets down to the final table though the structure gets out of control and it turns into an all out luckfest. If they kept it with a realtively good blind structure you would seem some great play. Between Patric Antonius, Micahel Mizrachi, JDags, and Joe Cassidy I saw some of t
  7. rb/mm(rob banks/make millions)for our slower posters
  8. Those apts. are REALLY nice, I used to hump a chick that lives there and by hump I mean sexual intercourse! Im down to play in the tournament whenever just let me know the time and day. It would be cool to meet everyone and have some drinks! See you guys soon.
  9. The main reason I thought it was so funny were the odds post which someone already mentioned and the last paragraph. Just last week me and my friend were playing 2-5nl at the bellagio, hes an EXCELLENT player but is a bit of a nerd, hes also really obnoxious as he plays since hes so good. We were sitting across the table from one another so the guy next to me didnt know we were friends. The guy leans over to me and goes look at that kid, hes probably never been laid in his life, got picked on all the time, and now finally found something hes good at so he takes every oppourtunity to point it o
  10. Ummmm no you douche, I didnt write the article look at the topic! I thought it was a funny article and posted it. I wish we were in high school though so I could kick your dumbass.
  11. Please, resist the temptation! I've been playing poker all of my life. It started when I was a kid- my family would normally end any given holiday by getting completely shit-faced over a good old-fashioned game of poker. With the popularity of poker soaring and constantly hearing all of my coworkers talk about it, I decided to start hosting a monthly game. During the last year or so, I have seen a lot of ridiculous stuff, most of which has taken place with less than $20 in any given pot. I’ve narrowed it down to the most annoying things that are sending the home game to hell in a hand basket f
  12. Hachem said somewhere that its a line he uses alot when he knows he has the best hand.
  13. The "pass the sugar" line instantly became my favorite poker quote of all time! It broke my heart to have to replace Chaus "I love play pokah" but it had to be done. How did you get that on your cell phone by the way?
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