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  1. OK the other day in my live game I introduced the players to the krablar. Needless to say I left them speechless. I was lucky enough to be dealt the krablar twice. The first time I broke a short stack on a king high flop when he couldn't fold pocket queens. The second time I hit a set of threes and the guy called that I had K3, yet still called me down with AA. The city of Fond du Lac, WI poker scene will never be the same...
  2. Pearl Jam-VS Tour and Vitalogy tourPhish-at least 30 times, NYE 2000 Evergaldes show was the shiznitPhil and FriendsPrimusRoger WatersMoeU2WIdespread PanicAllman Brothers BandNine Inch Nails - wow!A Perfect CircleBushStone Temple PilotsFoo FightersThe Dixie ChicksRusted Root311String Cheese Incident
  3. This just may be the funniest post that I have ever read.
  4. http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_news/news_...class=PokerNews
  5. Cardplayer has apx. 1567 players left. I would assume that they would at least play down to the money(apx. 800) on Friday.
  6. I completely disagree. Bad beats can be really fun. It's a perception thing.
  7. I just found this thread now, but congrats you played awesome heads-up. I am _BOOKS_ on FCP. Hope you do well at the ME!
  8. Jun. 27 | Jun. 28 | Jun. 29 FullTiltPoker.net is an educational content site and does not offer online gaming.Thu Jun 29 18:33:00 PDT 2006Mark Swartz Eliminated 8th ($88,668)After Brandon Cantu raises preflop, Mark Swartz moves all in for an additional $391,000. After a few moments, Cantu makes the call and shows 1010. Swartz flips over KJ and the board comes AA632. Mark Swartz is send home in 8th place.Brandon Cantu in now over $1,300,000 chips.
  9. PLACE PLAYER AMOUNT TREND HISTORY 1Brandon Cantu $850,000 $-100,000 2Mark Swartz $820,000 $145,000 3Mark Ly $600,000 $100,000 4Brent Roberts $470,000 $-30,000 5Don Zewin $400,000 $-30,000 6Drew Rubin $330,000 $30,000 7Ron Stanley $200,000 $-60,000 7Lee Padilla $200,000 $-85,000He's creeping...
  10. gl, Im in too. my screen name is _BOOKS_ table Nha Trang
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