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  1. Any reaction to 140? I was there for the first time. Absolutely amazing atmosphere. Helped that I didn't have to pay for the tickets (thanks Mr. Supplier) but it was also their first exposure to MMA andturned out to be a great card for that.I was amazed that even during the Claude Patrick fight there was no booing from the cage work.I have a new found respect for Frank Mir after that fight. His ability to recover from some big shots and identify that the shoot (after standing shot to the ear) was how he'd save himself won him the fight.
  2. just about to start season 5 again. watched season four for the third time in three days....
  3. I never watched the old series, but I love the Daleks...I think there is a brash sinister ego to them that makes it so evil. But I found that to be sorta lost in this ep.
  4. was it just me or did the Dalect ep. suck? Loved seeing them again but it seemed too jammed together to be a good Dr. Who epp.
  5. checky:My inlaws have a 12 year old sht tzu and he takes bendryl daily for alergies...don't worry about it it'll be good for ur mental health when driving
  6. i felt like I was going to puke just watching this!
  7. Pan fried pork chops and fried rice w/grape tomatoes, corn and soy sauce
  8. New piece of crappy news...Jesse Litch gone for 18 Months with Tommy John http://bleacherreport.com/articles/196144-...-injuries-mount
  9. what a tool. I just lost a lot of respect for him. I can't stand when players won't sign something, esspecially for a kid!!!
  10. two suggestions...drive through the states if you are driving a truck with your stuff in it and you are less than 100% sure of your driving! two if you are bringing the cats with, just find BandB's I stayed in them all the way to Edmonton when i moved there, pets will usually be allowed.Ira
  11. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2009/06/04...es_30104421.phpI guess gravity and broken neck are natural causes
  12. thehidden

    Legal Help

    simple question...is he asian? if he's asian in BC don't bother because it's not worth it!If not, I say you go with the sandwich board, but do not do it yourself, no need too. Hire a drunk, or a homeless person for 50 bucks.
  13. Financial District of TorontoGood: The eye candy, I can walk almost anywhere in the city even during shitty weather, being the capitalist pig i am, walking through the financial district on a shitty day and feeling it, the restaurantsBad: Being pretty well in the club district and the douchebaggary that comes along with that....asians, the TTC,
  14. that was an homage to Homicide. It was done on season one. Great scene involving Ned Beatty, Richard Belzer and a 'yo' who eventually became the black lawyer on that show with Camerine Manhime. They did the EXACT same thing. LOVE IT!
  15. damn i really wish i could play in this
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