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  1. just wondering with pokerVT. I`ve thought about becoming a member and tried to browse around to see what videos are available and couldn`t find the videos section. Is there a reasonable size of non NLHE games. I`ve been playing most other games like badugi, 8 game, TD, HORSE etc and am looking for a site with these games. Cardrunners is mostly PLO and NLHE and not on the limit games which I am currently trying to get better at.
  2. Obama is just another CFR member who won't change the important things that need to be changed. These great CFR members are the ones who are pushing this SPP and "building a north american community" without WE THE PEOPLE'S consent. Since when did we elect the CFR to direct our lifes ?
  3. Good reply I see your a real thinker. You should get an understanding of how the real world works if you wish to post in this thread.
  4. The one thing I just don't get about the GOP is how the **** can you have 8 candidates and have 7 saying the same thing? Aren't you supposed to have a viable option of who you want to pick to run your country ? I've quit watching TV because of this constant nonsense that individual groups with no armies, navy or air force really pose some serious threat to the most powerful nation on the earth. Just drives me nuts how people are so brainwashed by the media. Go watch the documentary "Orwell Rolls in his Grave" on google video http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=-44...h&plindex=0 here's t
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8TkmE5t1Pk ... How is Ron Paul 'loony' ? Every single candidate is the exact same except Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. WTF are they saying that is different ? They are all pro war, pro welfare state, all have aggressive foreign policy and have no clue how the Federal Reserve is destroying the US from the inside out. How would you like it if China came into your country and rolled around in tanks imposing curfews on you and your citizens, stealing your oil, instituting an income tax and had killed 1 million of your people ? War is NOT ****ing peace. Go read the c
  6. I'm just curious how the invisible man views divorces ? Isn't that a sin ? Or does religion's laws get bent around if it unsuits you ?
  7. This is not about Republicans or Democrats. It's about freedom. Not one candidate other than Ron Paul is addressing or will change many of the things that are wrong with America. As Ron Paul says he is the TRUE republican, the others have lost the traditional republican ways. I hate both the Republicans and Democrats, but Ron Paul is in a whole other world than the other scumbags running for office.
  8. http://www.gambling911.com/Ron-Paul-Poker-...nce-102607.html ... how many hundreds of thousands if not millions of people do you think this ban pissed off ? This alone could get him a ton of votes if people knew he was for repealing the online poker ban. Go Ron Paul! Wonder if Raymer and the other leaders of the PPA will start spreading the word and/or contributing to his campaign now ?
  9. http://video.google.ca/videoplay?docid=497...h&plindex=0 ... watch this, 3 parts to it, watch the 3rd part first, then watch the whole thing over and start a chain email to send this information to every person on your email lists. People must know what is going on behind the scenes.
  10. The reason the dollars are near even is just the beginning for the introduction of the new currency, the amero as well as the North America Union with US/Canada/Mexico basically joining together these countries. Just like what happened with the European Union/Euro.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CitfTtMIx8&NR=1 .... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uBAPbOWLxc...ted&search= ... I don't know if this has been posted before but I felt it's a great skit so I posted it for some who may have never seen it. I have always been a think for myself kind of person. I like hearing all sides of every story and this was the skit that made me feel IMO that what people think the afterlife is about isn't quiet it. I do think there is a place after life because I just find it hard to feel that you just stop existing. But with the 2nd part, as he says God is so great
  12. pokerdan97


    Many films about the world haven't opened up the views of the mindless sheep following what the elite feed them. This is the first film that I have seen, and I've seen almost all of them, which is so well put together that it could really be the 1 film to change the world and run the elite scumbag pieces of shit who are on track to control the world. I pray this film becomes mainstream.
  13. Doyle and Dewey = the nuts. Players like that are going to play consistently 95%+ of the time and that's how they've made millions on the golf course. Wow your going to go broke again soon ... why even bother ? Is there not better competition to play against where you might actually have a shot to win heh ? Even if you have strokes for you, the times you play inconsistent (and most of us have those god forsaken days where you feel good and like playing but can't do much right) is where they're going to break you.
  14. I picked up that tell to. The early position raise, then when u reraise on the button and from early position he 4 bets it, usually not many people bluffing there. To me it's the most common 'tell'.
  15. great guy I have always liked him. Why everyone gives him such a hard time is beyond me .. he doesn't have a big ego and doesn't call himself one of the best players, he's just a poker player like the rest of us. He's done a ton for poker and has a great personality. I love watching him on TV he's laid back and seems like a great guy. Everyone seems to go after him saying he's horrible etc etc ... you do know he won the WSOP over 3 1/2 years ago right ? He placed 3rd in the pokerstars stud hi lo WCOOP in 2005 and 16th in the stud tournament, he's vastly improved over the last 3 1/2 years and e
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