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  1. Is the Backstrom/Sanguinnetti bet still on? I'm still kicking around once in a while
  2. Random suggestion, though you obviously know more about this than anyone on here, but it seems the best bet might be to push for a "World Series of Poker" column, given the size of the event and the amount of broadcast time it gets (plus the fact they use it as cheap re-run filler material so often). Once you've got your cookie, then you can ask for a glass of milk...
  3. Nasty Dogs off to a nice start with Malkin, Gomez and Phaneuf my three players on tonight.
  4. Then the space-time continuum would have folded the year 2004 onto the year 2003 and the universe would have exploded (it'd be the year the Leafs win the cup incidentally), making the question irrelevant.
  5. His niece was my roomate in second year university, and let me tell you, the entire extended Fraser family is subject to ongoing acute suffering because of that call. Anytime someone new found out about her connection, the first thing out of their mouth is "Your uncle cost the Leafs the cup!" (as if Montreal would have had nothing to say about it). They are REALLY getting tired of it after a decade and a half.Have you signed this yet?
  6. Stole this from the hfboards, thought it was an interesting thread topic. What is the biggest "What If" in hockey history?For me it's "What if Orr didn't retire early/hurt?"
  7. I'd just look at it like your kid's RESP.
  8. Backstrom is also a +, whereas Kane is a -, though Kane doesn't have the benefit of Ovechkin and has arguably made more clutch plays, plus has more goals.Toews if healthy though.
  9. Lol sorry, I didn't realize this forum had been Rick Rolled before, I'm so out of touch I actually thought it was a new thing. I saw it on another forum and I thought it was hilarious, I didn't realize it's just annoying now. It was late and I was going nuts over a paper. Ajs510 btw.
  10. I could literally watch that fifty times in a row and still be amazed by it each time.
  11. That one, where the kid gets a Leaf sweater and hates his life and prays for moths to eat it.
  12. Yeah, but IMO at least, your team overall is a pretty strong favourite on any given night against any given team. In a particular series the schedule can make you a greater or smaller dog, but I meant just looking over the rosters in general.Also my hockey knowledge is very weak compared to last year so my opinion's probably not worth much, but meh.
  13. On a scale of 1 to 10, how great a moral outrage is it for a Toronto schoolteacher to read "The Hockey Sweater" to students?
  14. I think this is the last year Bob will be heads and shoulders above the rest of the AHL, he'll still be a favourite next year, but I think the gap is closing pretty quick.
  15. alright Mr. Gates, no need to brag about your computer acumen. I fixed the original link, I don't like Avery but I didn't particularly like the tone of that article.
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