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  1. Will Daniel and other big US pros go over for a $20k European WSOP event?http://www.gambling911.com/World-Series-of...ope-022607.html
  2. If you're looking for the cheapest room in town, I can't help you. But, if you want to stay in the nicest room of your life for $129 a night, stay at the Wynn.
  3. Danny is playing terribly in this thing. He's down over 600k. Was down over 700k. He called doyle down on a flush draw when doyle flopped a fullhouse. Drawing to hands that aren't good if they get there.Has daniel commented anywhere about his play?
  4. Getting in for $1 would be pretty tough.
  5. Nice. "doucheclown" that's a good one.Now you see why I say 75% of FCP'ers are kids with no bankroll?Read about 10 posts. You'll see all kinds of "doucheclowns" acting like 15 year olds. You have people asking "will this be an 18 and up event?"And yes, I know what sats are. I won my way into the WSOP on thursday through one. Thanks for asking though.And one more thing for the adult posters on the board.Why does everyone think players will rush out to play in this event just because it has a $5mil guarantee that obviousy can be changed.The WSOP is in late July. Most people will be focusin
  6. Yeah, but you guys are discounting the fact that stars runs a ton of sats to get people into their sunday tourneys.That's a lot of freak'n sats starting at $1 (lol) to get people into a tournament. I'd guess 75% of FCP'ers are sitting on a bankroll of between $25-100. It'd be like hitting the lottery for a player like that to win a $5,000 seat.I just think no way in hell, but I'm not going to waste my time arguing about it.
  7. yep, it's just a big promotion to get people to play. Daniel and the other people have to know the likelihood of $5mil is pretty small. Of course they aren't going to do a $4mil overlay. So they run the promotion, get lots of people playing, make some rake, then later comeback and say, "yeah, the $5mil didn't work out, we will guarantee $875,000."
  8. Great tournament promotion. $5mil guaranteed prize pool. Then you read the fine print and it says they have the right to change basically anything, including the guaranteed amount. That's lame. So the $5mil is not really guaranteed.No way this thing happens IMO. Stars has the biggest tournaments around and they can only get $1.5mil in their top prize pools on a weekly basis. I think the WCOOP gets a more.Pulling off $5mil is near impossible. It just sounds cool, so people will sign up and play. Then later the $5mil gets changed to $1mil.That's what I'm bett'n on.
  9. too many people try to play limit like no limit. They're 2 different games. Most people who know how to play limit don't complain about getting drawn out on, it's part of the game, you just have to limit the chances you allow.If it's a single donk, you'll make money in the long run. If you're letting 3-4 people go to the river with you, you need to read a book.
  10. The showing Josh 1 card was outstanding. The look on Josh's face was priceless. Totally threw Josh off his game.
  11. at the Borgata. Hadn't seen the entire thing.I also thought Arieh played well, made some good calls and some good laydowns. Of course, I didn't see how he went out, so he may have had one bad play.Daniel needs to get back to playing that kind of poker.
  12. I've got money to pass out at given to me by Absolute, but I've never played there. Is it any good? I guess I can't really endorse the site if I've never played there.
  13. heard of. You can read about it on cardplayer. Retarded, that's about all I can say.
  14. Pong, I'm actually from Knoxville myself. Went to high school one year behind the World Champ Chris Moneymaker :)Farragut, class of 1995.
  15. dang it, didn't realize it was that far away.
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