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  1. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<that tard
  2. im trying to hold in my laugh because its wrong, but that was rather funny
  3. sdnuol

    The Hideout

    it doesnt matter someone else quotted me too i dont care too much.
  4. sdnuol

    Damn Apple

    still way out of my "starter" price range, but im looking. ill find something cheaperish
  5. wow wiki works fasthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Irwin#Death
  6. sdnuol

    The Hideout

    i know. bob taught me that. but, like Micheal jordan says "I can accept failure, but I cannot accept not trying" yeah. whatever. i should stop trying to beat the mods but they get to me alot for some reason. golden if you want to help save my *** you could edit out the qoute from that other topic, if not nvm. i dont care anyway. gnight all
  7. sdnuol

    The Hideout

    i just looked at the mod list and none of them are on. there arnt hidden ones are there?
  8. sdnuol

    The Hideout

    yeah theyve always closed any thread ive made about another thread. posting something in the suggestions forums wont get read for about 17 lightyears though
  9. sdnuol

    Words Of Wisdom

    dont make a thread suggesting things to the mods because it will get closed
  10. sdnuol

    The Hideout

    okay so card, i saw you reading that thread i made. mods just closed it. now can you agree that is a little bit of bull sh.it
  11. sdnuol

    Come On Now

    well if your going to have a "job" either do it or dont. dont do half *** bs
  12. sdnuol

    The Hideout

    i am too, but wtf. cant they just remove a few posts instead of closing the whole thing somethings piss me off alot more than they normally would after midnighthttp://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...showtopic=73530edit: it looks like it needs to be topped
  13. sdnuol

    Come On Now

    the inconsistency of threads getting closed is bs. you cant let some go and leave others be. leave them all open or just ruin all the damn fun and start closing everythingjust remove the offensive one and keep the thread. if you dont want to do that much "work" hand over you mod controls
  14. sdnuol

    Come On Now

    okay you removed my offensive post, im sorry for that. you can re-open the unbelievable pics thread now. that was a good thread.there are plenty of nasty pics in there. mine certainly wasnt the first. if you want ban me for a day or two i dont care re-open the thread though. how do you delete the post that was disturbing and then decide to close the thread all together. thats like kicking a man while hes down. wtf. please reopen it.
  15. without the link i just ignored it because of who the op was. this blows i used to watch him on animal planet alot.
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