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  1. I hate to brag but I am up 153 BB so far in 2 nights of nutbarring. Take that TLK
  2. $55 with the winner taking over $1000.Not the biggest prize pool obviously but it still sucks knowing that you played 6 hours for nothing.
  3. 40 man tourney with the top 4 paying and I came in 5th. Played great all night and felt I was the best player at the final table. Went into the final 5 with the 2nd most chips (chip leader was sitting on a huge stack). In the span of 9 hands the other 3 players all double up through the big stack and I basically get blinded out once the blinds get up much too high in relation to the stacks.The last thing I want to do right now is play poker as this was the biggest live cash tourney I have played and all I can think about is the money I left at that table.Somebody hold me
  4. This Friday is the mother of all home games as about 40 guys get together for a $50 buy in MTT with the winner taking over $1000.The problem is, outside of about 5 or 6 of them, I have not played with any. The blind structure will no doubt be fast and I am sure most of the players will be playing loose and fast in an attempt to build their stacks early as the field get smaller.I consider myself to be a conservative player and then use that image later on to steal some pots as the blinds get bigger but I don't think that will work as well in this situation as most people will be pushing as they
  5. great call. Nice to see no suckout on that one.
  6. sorry I mis read the message. Thought anyone could sign up to help you out. Good luck acejack.
  7. I am currently keeping track of all my SNG activity and was wondering what a good average is for placing in the money.
  8. Much thanks to everyone that responded with comments. I think we may try it on a small scale and see how it goes for a few weeks but it seems as though the risks outweigh the rewards.
  9. All the home games I play in are usually buyin of $X and a touney style where the top 3 or whatever pay.I am skeptical about the whole idea personally but wanted some other opinions from people who have maybe been around these kind of games.
  10. First off if this is a group of your friends or watever I find it pretty ridiculous that you'd try to make money off them by raking the games. If you're gonna do something like that dont rake the pot just say its 10$ to get in and that pays for drinks and food.It would be open to friends of our group, etc. People are tried of the usual home game style and just want to be able to go sit down with $100 and see what they could do.The problem is, the closest casino is only limit and everyone wants NL.
  11. In my area there is a real need for a consistent cash game as not everyone is able to make it to a casino on a regular basis.The idea that is being tossed around by a few of the regulars is to have an illegal cash game that runs several times a week.Now we aren't talking about the typical "home game" where its usually a freezeout tourney but rather would have the people buying in for value from the house (the house being those of us who run it) and then every hand gets raked up to $3.Our typical group of people who play ranges from 7-15 guys and we figure if we could get 30 guys together 3 nig
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