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  1. card player is the worst, lets get a chip count update
  2. this is great, what a draw. I think with all these short stacks he's going to be in there a lot more, maybe 95% of hands lol (sw). But seriously, do you think he'll play alot more hands if its even possible?
  3. Huge heat fan, have been since I was a kid. Born and raised in Miami. Shaq overrated? I think you must be kidding, either that or you don't know basketball. Everyone has bad games, deal with it. Over 60% lifetime FG%, how many people can say they have done that. He dominates, enough said.Dirk 2-14, overrated? Hell no. With the defense of Posey and Haslem though, I don't blame him for letting the pressure get to him.Dirk is one of the best in the game right now.Shaq is one the best in history.Deal with it.
  4. thats right, just took my eye out with a fork. thanks general.i'm going to keep refreshing until ashton kutcher posts.
  5. why do i open links when i know it's just going to make me put my head through a wall.
  6. 7 months of reruns of the OC.... someone kill me.... I hate summer....
  7. nice job, you multiplied your bankroll by 5x
  8. ahhh QQ again! ladies are good to you.
  9. no K Q no K Q, no K Q or J no K Q or J, No card J or higher, dammit jordan, dont do that again, you'll kill metear it up!
  10. railin you jord4n, GL!Nice pick up there Jordan, perfect time for queens.
  11. What names are Matt Matros and Prty using?
  12. yeah they are, railing right now, keep it going. nice and smooth.
  13. Fischman and Gank at the same table, with this talk, priceless.
  14. I would flame, or self-promote, but working 2 jobs a little over 40 hours a week while going to school full-time trying to pay my classes off, I think I don't need to say much. But I need to say this, go **** yourself redpill.
  15. Example: source: the thread "I'm getting some breakfast this morning" started by theredpill.
  16. It kinda saddens me that 80% of the posts will be quotes of redpill. Oh that redpill and his momma and female hating. I think if he died and was reincarnated, he would be SuperJon's gay fish.(sw, I would love to see 80% of the posts be his.)
  17. When will conservatives finally grow some brains and actually offer a valid opinion instead of resorting to immature attacks. Tip of the hat to the illustrator of this picture, but a wag of my finger to you, Republican party.
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