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  1. Can I ask what made you want to compare a DH vs a 1st basemen in the category of best all-around player? I think its pretty obvious who would win when comparing defense and offense.
  2. I hate Saw 2. I hate the idea about it, I hate the fact that they need to make it into my generation's halloween, I hate everything about the saw series. I just wish it would die.
  3. So whats the problem? You got your stuff back right? I can see the bill being a real ***** to pay but if it was worth over 100 grand I would say its worth it.
  4. Having your penis cut off is -EV.
  5. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story...ht&lid=tab4pos1Read "Competitive Integrity is Relative."
  6. Ehh I care cause Bush is cutting funding to student loans and that money could be used for that. Although, the more I think about it, Bush would probably just buy a few more Tanks.
  7. My heart feels bad for them that they come to America for work and seek equal treatment but when they have to face the same treatment that makes millions of their fellow co-workers pay they are being treated unfairly! Oh no what has America come to?Maybe it should be a law that everyone who wires money should be taxed i don't know much about wiring money and the expenses. Mexico has no right to be angry with us. What do you fellow enlightened thinkers think?
  8. That's all you had to say from the beginning.
  9. No, your guess is wrong. He got dropped because Ryan Howard and Travis my namesake Hafner are better then he is right now and I need holds. Good try though!
  10. Ya but Prince Fielder hit a 400 foot hr into the upperdeck of Tiger stadium when he was 12 years old so Kenny can suck on that. Source: ESPN.com
  11. I wish people would stop talking like they know how it is over in Iraq because you don't. You know what it's like to watch Iraq on tv and thats about it. My brother was stationed in Iraq for over 14 months and was responsible for training a few Iraqi's, 200 or so. He related to me how they were ecstatic to be handed the responsibility of possibly one day protecting their country. They would bring him such things as soda, candy, etc sometimes even though they had very little. Now, I'm not claiming thats how it is with every single Iraqi as it obviously isn't, but I really don't think you c
  12. It's definitely Scooby Do or my favorite Roger Rabbit both kick ass characters. Scooby just goes on crazy adventures with his obviously drug addicted friends and eats scooby snacks, those things are good. Roger Rabbit is just the man and he has that hot chick.
  13. "Hi, would you like a plate of cheese?"Honestly I think it is horrible but I watched someone do it and it got the right reaction out of the girl, try it.
  14. Draft is tonight. Should I push it back till after the Classic?
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