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  1. I qualified yesterday too!Anyone interested in doing like a $10 LL?
  2. This was at the Rio right? In the Brasilia room right? How long did you have to wait?Nice trip report!
  3. I've seen this come up a few times and must've missed the bet. What is the bet? Also, how did it relate to the one tournament when Phil told Daniel he decided to skip out or something. Thanks for the info!
  4. "Today's earliest satellite activity drew demand for the least expensive -- at $125 per entry -- of several available options. Throughout the majority of the '08 Series, the Rio will offer satellites at the following buy-in levels: $125, $175, $225, $275, $325, $525 and $1,030. The event winner or winners, as in previous years, will receive prize winnings in the form of $500 tournament chips, with a cash payout for any leftover amounts. One convenient addition created for this year's series is a cashier's cage in the new satellite room, dedicated to satellite registration and play."http://www.
  5. http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...794&hl=acesRefer to Hoosieralum's hand where he flats after two shorties both push. Obviously the hand is slightly different than the hypothetical, but I see some similarities. Is Hoosieralum not opening the pot enough of a difference to merit his flat calling to intice more action?
  6. If anyone wants to split an entry PM me and we can go in together!Wordy
  7. I'd be down for this for sure. Just confirm that you are still open for this option and I'll ship you $25 on StarsWordyyoyo
  8. While we're on this subject...Has anyone heard if PS is going to run Sats to the smaller ($1,500) events? Do you think they'll be SNGs, Steps, or MTTs?
  9. But could you explain the male bet to me?
  10. Still new to sports betting...can someone explain these bets to me1. Risk $10 to earn...?2. Rish $10 to earn $600 (correct?)Thanks
  11. Sweating the SB final score had me worried...ship $5 por favor?Wordyyoyo (Littleton)ty gg nh etc.
  12. I'd need odds on this one....obv not...BOOKED!
  13. I'll take this at the odds that everyone else is giving at 4:1 for $25 and I'll ship first if you want me to. Let me know
  14. Obv would sweep, but Rockies are going to be considerate enough to let us fans catch both Sat and Sun games...ty Rockies nh
  15. I hope the Phillies don't feel bad, when the best team in the world sweeps their ass...Rockies one time ftw, it's not even going to be funny
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