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  1. If you bust Bay 101 you are just south of San Francisco, one of the best cities in the world imo.
  2. Great vid Tre. I agree about how much fun it is to have a kid. Sleep is fun too though. Also, I LOVE that it looks like her hair is coming in as a mohawk. Unfortunately my son has a natural mullet. We're actually going to cut it into a true mullet for a few days real soon.
  3. I put in a request to join the Mark's Nipples Fan Club.Todd
  4. It sounds like you are the perfect candidate for an iPhone.
  5. RDog, I have an iPhone. I think it has two real weaknesses:1. Reception - I live in Portland and service is fine everywhere except inside a dense building. i.e. it's fine in my house but my office is in the middle portion of a high rise and I get zero reception. As long as you are not going into the middle of a huge building this shouldn't be a problem.2. Picture messages - you can take a pic with the iphone and e-mail it but not send it as a text. it takes WAY better pics than a regular phone. if someone sends you a pic you get a link to a website to view it. you have net access on your phone
  6. If you guys are truly leaving for a private forum then I will take this opportunity to say thanks for all the poker knowledge you have shared. I'm married with 1.5 full time jobs and a kid so I don't have the time to dedicate to poker that I would like. I read this thread to learn your thought processes and it has definitely improved my game along the way. The antics that happen in this thread are also a great diversion when I'm at work but would rather not be working. I haven't contributed much, if any, so thanks to all of you that did and are now leaving.
  7. congrats. edit: pic of flexible girl in thong failed.
  8. I like the idea of calling DN. These are his stakes after all. I don't play that high (my guy is out of town).
  9. i think chops have a rebuttable presumption of awfulness. first impression will always be awful but you can overcome it. i say bring the sexy back.
  10. Tell the fellas make it understoodIt ain't no good if there's too much wood.
  11. lol at "smoking the drug pipe."and a brilliant use of taxpayer dollars.
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