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  1. The rangers are good, but I think their pitching staff overachieved last year. It will be interesting to see whether they decide to put Neftali Feliz in the rotation and whether or not Young stays. Regardless, I think the A's should be the favorites to win the division with their pitching staff and solid offense. They added three good hitters (Dejesus, Matsui, Willingham) and are returning the entire pitching staff that lead the league in ERA plus Fuentes and that guy from Tampa Bay (Balfour?)
  2. I've never deposited and I've won somewhere between $1 and $1,000,000,000 (I'm not very good at recordkeeping)
  3. Gonna build a house out of all the bricks ive had in the last few tourneys.Seriously, been bricking more than...ummm....Tbrick?
  4. My predictions from last year:"I think 87 wins is about right...and it could be enough to win the West. Wrong. 92 wins and they needed almost all of them! Who would have known that SD would have been that good?I really don't think that Timmy will get cy young #3...in fact, I hate to say this, but I think he will take a step back this year. I'm not saying he will be bad, but his whip will probably go back up to the 1.10-1.15 range. [ Right, Timmy slipped up and his ERA went back into the 1.3 range, yikes!Definitely not happy with bringing Bengie back...I think it will be bad for the clubhouse
  5. Thanks Dixie. And no, you can't. (toughguytom on stars)
  6. Obviously it's your choice, but you could just as easily ignore the dbags above.Update: 6/7 at my FT
  7. At a final table coming in 8/9 if anyone is still up.Tourney ID: 361124534
  8. Hmmmm, I'm sure I was talking about weak players in general, not me, at least thats what i meant to say.
  9. No, the opposite. I was trying to say that since I believe my skill level is higher on average than the skill level of the remaining players, I wouldn't want to shove in such a small EV spot there with that stack size. I will usually muck 44 in that spot with ~ 15 to 30 bb
  10. Thanks for doing some math. I'm glad that posting the hand got a good discussion going. All players being equal, I would agree that this is a good spot to shove, but when you factor in the skill level of opponents and the value of seeing more hands, I would still be hesitant to shove.
  11. If you meant, "Did anyone say it was a bad play" then the answer is me and dixieIf you meant, "Which IMPORTANT person whose opinion I care about said it was a bad play" then the answer is SCREW YOU I'M IMPORTANT
  12. Yeah, the players stats should definitely be a factor in the decision, but not the deciding factor per se. A bad play every once in awhile doesn't make a bad player
  13. This is what I wanted to hear!Just my two cents - I definitely think its a bad play to shove 44 into larger stacks/stacks that will cripple you when you have 22 bb and blinds are only 150 300, especially when the players in the 440s are so bad. Its not worth the risk when you can easily find better spots to shove later. I mean, if you were playing a higher buyin tourney and your edge was a lot smaller/nonexistant it might be a profitable play, but certainly not ideal. Also, what does "fo" mean? eff off?
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