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  1. ^^^ really appreciate the stake man... thank's a bunch... I ended up going to a buddys having sum whiskey and "coke", and it was the most amazing surprise to see 11 dollars in my account when i came back bro...i was gonna use my 5 FPP points... Respect. I will stick with my promise and am done beggin for anything. And am starting my lucrative career at Shoppers Drug Mart. Much love buddy'
  2. I'm with Kobe...if I dont win... anything but first place...I will wave goodbye to this forum, banish myself forever...work at shoppers drug mart, hit on milfs, live my sad pathetic life.....
  3. ^^^all kidding aside man, run 10 km, and its like smoking a little tiny pinner, having 2 tokes...that is the high only mother nature can give u',
  4. ^ I want to have your children.
  5. ^you would be surprised... nothing turns off a jewish girl more than hearing "honey u mind if we split the bill".It's like saying "IM GOING TO ANALLY RAPE YOU TONIGHT WHILE YOURE SLEEPING AHAHAHAH"
  6. tbrick your the man... i seriously got a calander today..(gona try and quit weed) but everyday ill cross an X and write a W and B, for no WEED and no BEGGING,,,the streak will start, I promise you guys. I got a job interview at "Shoppers Drug mart" lord knows I love drugs so its gonna be a great workplace environment...the cosmetics ladies are older but total milfs haha
  7. hey^ thanks alot man... i have a feelin my days here are numbered... its a matter of time before Daniel Negreanu personally bans me....for hating on his twitchy facial features... man someone explain why he hasn't banged Amber Heard yet?Young chicks dig money, im speakin from experience. Not sayin im a young chick, i mean ive banged a few, and my account was not brokeass at the moment of vaginal entry.
  8. whoah! I thought I would be banished for askin for a 50/50 no stakeback spotter...any takers? Just so you know I haven't won a tournament on PokerStars since 2009. I'm due for a win!!!incase I dont get banned: UCALLITSOVER CITY: TORONTOps; serge if u spotted me, i wouldnt flip out and call u names when u knock me out hahah good times, good luck btw
  9. Thanks buddy but the goin rate is 20 cents..19 was a 1 time only discount. LOL....
  10. Not here for trouble. Everybody be cool! Just predicting the winner, DONk4LIFE!!!! He can't lose...with the good karma I'm sendin his way'
  11. ^^^ AMEN brother, for 20 cents, I give you guys lap dances..as opposed to dirty rotten conniving sexy strippers, who charge 100 times more...
  12. Sorry Donk^^^ i got a lotto ticket for friday... maybe i'll play DanielNegreanu heads up on stars soon... give him all my winnings
  13. women screwin me over, story of my life. Random person with lots of chips goes all in, i limped with 10,10, i instant call, He has AQ, flops the lady....yup yup. lifes still good tho, thanks again Diamond
  14. Moment after first break...at $15,000...that $524 first looks very attainable.(i wud go to cuba for 7 days in a heartbeat...)..u threw me good karma Dixi, win or lose i love you
  15. Love you diamonddixi, playin a 2.20 nl 6 man..I will ship this in your honor, gladly, happily, be up all night too! muchos muchos muchos muchos mUUUUCHOS gracias'
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