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  1. king.. ready for a pittsburgh march madness choke again?
  2. so i think we need to brain storm on how to get fcp back to form... IDEAS? where did everyone else go?
  3. lol obviously..idk because everyone pretty much left i thought and i stopped playing online poker just going to school and delivering pizzas. the american dream.
  4. lol @ kobe bricking 2 straight free throws in crunch time today.
  5. IN 750K GUARANTEED!!!!
  6. I'm sitting pretty in a satellite to the 750k gtd.. WWCD obv.
  7. i'm finna satellite into the 750k gtd and then get a big score. i will do my best to make full contact poker proud.
  8. of all people poker players should know about SAMPLE SIZEhttp://www.82games.com/gamewinningshots.htmIf i had 300 game winning shot opportunities I'd make a few too.
  9. Fold on the river. Make a better read than that.
  10. lol it's statistics, not opinions.
  11. I never said Carmelo was the better player or that the Nuggets are the better team. Carmelo is a better late game player than Kobe... END OF STORY.If you wanna argue it then do it, but i will destroy you.
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