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  1. Daniel, I have to agree 100% with DDM's analysis of the hand. If you had an overpair the way you played it on the turn and river is certainly very dangerous and unorthodox(not that there is anything wrong with that). I just can't imagine not taking a free showdown against Gus with a one liner to a straight if you had an overpair. Give Gus some credit, he is unlikely to call a 67k bet with just a nine on a 96558 flop. There is very little upside to a big bet on the river in this situation with an overpair.This is why I believe Gus had a sense that Daniel had a monster when DN flatcalls the turn
  2. Yeah its pretty easy when you take numerous trips to Tunica with a guy and discuss nothing but poker,play with him for 35-50 hours a week. You can read their hands super good, amazing isn't it?
  3. Here is a funny hand involving the Krablar, myself and a friend who is in the CO.Anyway its 1-2 NL. I have about 180 dollars in front of me and am on the button and I find K 3 . Everybody limped so I decided to join the party. Flop is Q J 9 . A weak player from upfront bets 10 dollars. CO raises 25 more. I know the CO has a straight but I decided to call figuring the weak player is likely to call giving me more equity. Of course knowing that I held the almight Krablar also influenced a call because there have been numerous times I mucked the Krablar only to see what could have been a huge
  4. I pretty much agree with this. Gus deserves tons of credit in this hand. I really believe he knew when DN flat calls the turn , that DN had a monster. There wasn't much Daniel could do. Nobody checks behind an overfull.
  5. I like it, play your strong hands fast in NL.
  6. Gus is loose, but he isn't an idiot. Most likely he isn't check raising all in without either 55 or 99, and he DEFINITELY is not doing it with a straight. Its an incredibly tough laydown that I would not be able to make, but I wouldn't be in love with the hand given the action.
  7. He has run hot, but he really has improved as a player.Like you said, the man makes sick plays at the river. I remember he was betting with King high and the other player called off with a draw. Neither player got there by the river, and the player with the draw bets out, C-Mike puts him all in with King high and it was good.Gotta love it when Corporation Mike and Barry mix it up.
  8. Its a webcast of live cash games at the Bike Casino in LA. Occasionally a name player will come in and play, but normally its a bunch of regular players. I'm a subscriber(14.95 a month) and find the show to be informative and entertaining.For all those who watch the show, we can agree that Corporation Mike= the Nuts.
  9. Poor Donkusow. It was fairly obvious that he was going to go busto on that hand, and Laak did a great job of letting Mike do all the work.The one thing that would have made Mike's exit even more hilarious is if someone handed him a "Get out of Jail free card" from Monopoly. That would have been classic.
  10. So classic that I often sing this to myself after I stack some donk.
  11. Weird hand. I think it looks like a fold because the weak tight player moved in over the top of another raise. Its possible that he has JJ, but more than likely its AA or KK. (Again, this is if these guys truly understand NLHE, if not then you are in a tough spot).Reads and physical tells are VERY important in these spots with QQ. I played in a game for the first time two weeks ago. I had two queens on the button. Some kid(looked like a fish) brought it in for twenty dollars, CO deliberates and sincerely considers calling but then pushes. I now know its almost impossible for him to hold KK or
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