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  1. wont like it... in your opinion
  2. LLLLLLLOOOYYYYDDDDi sugggested mark paul carrmy thread, my baby name imo
  3. they obv play hamden, me just after i move away from there. sigh
  4. lizzy has the boobs of a 50 year old.. im pretty sure they shouldnt look like that when she bends over
  5. my bedroom smells great :)ps - prodigy - voodoo people (pendulum remix) = zomg
  6. hi, on a sunday as well! cant wait for work tm
  7. aka he sees drugs and runs away like a girl
  8. 1)pussy2)booties3)mittens4)rabbles
  9. waitarent you banned from ts? must be over now
  10. nothing... i live across the country so i wont be doing anything except maybe calling her
  11. 2007: Jerry Yang2006: Jamie Gold2003: Chris Moneymaker2002: Robert Varkonyi1999: J. J. "Noel" Furlong1994: Russ Hamilton
  12. agnaigaiongiagna\like 20 mins late and i was gonna sign on aim ealriersorry mr. george
  13. PLEASE BE A JOKEPLEASE BE A JOKEPLEASE BE A JOKEPLEASE BE A JOKEPLEASE BE A JOKEPLEASE BE A JOKEPLEASE BE A JOKEif not, wsop me < wpt 25k from now on. i cant see the poker community allowing this bs
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