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  1. I mean its hard to make sets and two pair, but they are all in your range, as theres no way you should raise the flop with 77 or AJ etc with the short stack behind. And if you think he has a flush draw he has to consider there are less combos of FDs you can have.
  2. flop is whatever, could either way but I think just calling preflop is a mistake. I would 3 bet calll, shove, call in that order.
  3. I say go for it on the river. His hand looks really weak but almost always better then yours. You can rep a ton of value hands, as Id assume you shove AJ OTR (and also likely have no, or at least very small, raising range on the flop with the shortie behind) . And he has to put you on exactly busted clubs to call.
  4. He was talking about limit holdem and how he in these tournaments he knows what everyone has and that its easier to tell what people have in limit then in no limit. That doesn't make sense to me, as the biggest part of hand reading is bet sizing (imo) which isnt possible in limit. http://tv.pokernews.com/featured-videos/Da...eanu/1600110966
  5. why wouldnt he ? 18 left, still alive! going into day 2!
  6. na if i was bragging id mention im the only person to final table back to back EPTs.
  7. I hung out with him a couple times in Dortmund and hes a super cool, super laid back guy. Im sure yall all know this though. Anyone going to Copenhagen? im trying to get there.
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