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I Called In Sick Today

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Posted Yesterday, 07:02 PM

And now I will recap my weekend:

Friday night, my roommates and I took their boat out to the lake and drank some beers and hung out in the water some. We didn't get out there until it was like 7 or so so it was cooling off and a fair bit of cloud cover but the water still felt good. The dogs also had fun swimming around, as usual. Mack is a big fan of swimming around and making sure we're all safe before going to the back of the boat and putting all four of his paws on the ladder to just hang out. He refuses to climb it though, even with one of us pushing him up and so I always have to resort to climbing into the boat and then awkwardly lifting him out of the water by the handles on his life jacket.

Saturday afternoon we took the boat out again but this time my old roommates joined us with their two puppies who had only been on the water once before. And folks, let me tell you, having four dogs all in the water trying to drown you at the same time wouldn't be a terrible way to go. The puppies love Mack and they still haven't figured out swimming yet so they would always just swim to him and try to rest on his back which would make him swim to me and try to jump on me. But by the end of the day we had one of the pups jumping out of the boat like a pro. We also went to shallower water and setup some poles for some "beersby" and Mack saw us throwing the frisbee from the boat and jumped in and spent the whole game playing monkey in the middle swimming back and forth trying to grab the frisbee.

And then our suburb had their 4th celebration this past weekend for some reason and as part of it there was stuff going on "downtown" all weekend. Last night the brewery was hosting a band outside so a bunch of us went there to celebrate our buddies birthday.

We're hanging out on the patio waiting for some people to arrive and the birthday boy is like hey, lets go play hammerschalgen (sp) which for the unfamiliar is a game where you all stand around a stump drinking beer while trying to pound a nail all the way in with the round part of a ballpeen hammer or similar. It was just us two and then this super cute tattoo'ed girl came up and asked what we were playing and if she could play so we were like, yeah, obviously. And then two of her guy friends came by to play with us, one of them who I assumed was her boyfriend, and I'm like, yeah ok, this makes more sense now. We played a game and that was that and then later one she came up to me as she was leaving and thanked me for letting them play and that was that. We stayed there a few hours and then things were dying down and I'm not sure the specifics but I just now i chugged the glass of 9% ABV beer somebody had just gotten me and I went from buzzed to drunk super quick and I went back inside to find the rest of our group but then they weren't there and so I checked the street and they were also not there so I just started walking home.

There was a dude a bit aways ahead of me walking too and then I saw him turn off into some trees, assuming he was cutting through the park, but then I caught up to the point and saw that he was just peeing into the bushes. I got a little further down the block when I see a cop car driving by and he immediately flips his lights and shines his spotlight on the dude and then I turn around a few times as I'm walking trying to not appear too drunk myself to see him getting arrested and put into the squad car. Get home and somebody orders pizza and we have a few beers and a lot of water and then pass out around 2.

After waking up at around 6 to let the dog out and feed him, I went back to sleep and didn't get out of bed until 11:30. I managed to change the oil in my car, finally get my costco membership card, put away laundry and half ass update my resume to give to my boss tomorrow. Also watched a lot of netflix.

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Posted Yesterday, 07:03 PM

View Posthank213, on 15 July 2018 - 06:43 PM, said:

You're getting an inspection right? Not an appraisal but the guy that makes sure you aren't buying a money pit, or that if you are buying a money pit you're doing so knowingly.

Yeah, we had an inspection done right away. Lots of little things, which is to be expected for a house of this age, but no major issues or anything. All of the heating/ac/water heater are pretty old but they're buying me a home warranty so hopefully they all go out within the next year.

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Posted Yesterday, 07:15 PM

Napa's getting a house!
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Posted Yesterday, 08:37 PM

And now you get to spend like two months moving in!
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Posted Yesterday, 08:41 PM

View PostRon_Mexico, on 15 July 2018 - 07:52 AM, said:

Headed to West Palm next weekend for a quick getaway.

So where are we getting a drink?

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Posted Yesterday, 08:46 PM

Happy for nappy. Things are coming together for you in the twin cities, save a temporary blip in the career department.

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