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  1. Nice, have fun. I have a few friends that were just in Napa or somewhere close.
  2. A little good and bad. I failed audit, but thought I had done OK on multiple choice and not as good on simulations. But I actually did pretty good on sims and not so good on MC. I really wasn't expecting to pass it first try but when I was done I felt ok about it and thought I had a decent chance of passing. I passed Business Environments & Concepts (Economics type stuff mostly). I thought at best I might barely pass with 75, but I got an 80, no idea how. I had to have made some correct guesses on the MC taht were 50/50 at best. Overall I'm happy I passed at least one of them so I
  3. Halfway done with the CPA exam. The last two sections I've taken have gone the exact opposite of what I thought walking out of the exam.
  4. I like the last two options best. I've never been to NY or DC, and we could catch a baseball game and shenanigans in either place. Is Norm banned from the WH?
  5. I just found out after our last tropical storm that mine does too. Luckily I have a condo so I don't have to fix it, but we were having so much rain for about a month that is still isn't fixed yet. It only leaked the day we had something like half a foot of rain in one day.
  6. I like Asheville, but I don't think I'd want to live there full time. It would be a great place to be during the summer though, I just need to find a way to get rich first.
  7. Yeah, same company. My old boss left in Jan and we didn't re-hire the position until now. Probably mostly to save money.
  8. Good looking dogs. I'd like to get one but probably won't as long as I am in a condo. It would also have to be under 30 lbs if I got one now.Not a bad view either, I miss the mountains.
  9. Good so far, it seems like he'll be much easier to get along with than the last one. I'm mostly done with school, I'm working on my CPA right now. Once I'm done with that I will probably have to take between 1 and 4 more classes just to satisfy some state requirements. Hopefully I'll only have to take 1 because it will just be a waste of money, I only need hours in business classes, they serve no other purpose.Based on the resume of the guy we just hired I won't ever be the controller here. I think the best I can hope for here is that we grow enough that a new position has to be created that w
  10. I have a boss for the first time in 7 months, this one seems a lot better so far than the previous.
  11. Never had them but Kale chips sound like they would just suck. You're already getting screwed, so shouldn't be anything new.
  12. Damn, that sucks. Is it normal for a casino to rebid that often?Sounds almost as disfunctional as my office.
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