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  1. Very sorry to hear this, man. Hope you're doing ok.
  2. never in a million years would've guessed sondland would be the guy
  3. man, look at your ride! you've been prospering while i've been away.
  4. yeah, seemed vaguely familiar. all those mid-aughts nba handles sorta blended together...
  5. popped in because i saw someone had reached out to DN on twitter regarding their hospitalized kid and the gofundme. person claimed to be og fcp, and i wanted to donate. was curious if anyone knew the person. twitter handle is @kobe2odom8
  6. you serious clark love that you guys are still in here jammin' about work b.s.
  7. Performance? He disgusted enough of the populace into not voting. That's a thing, I guess. The American "right" is so devoid of intellect, generally, that they're super eager to crown the latest flash in the pan as the 2nd coming of jaysus. Good luck with Bannon. He looks like he eats more heroin than vegetables. Maybe he'll stay balanced with that primo pharmaceutical grade coke evening things out.
  8. Because a bloated propagandist helped a joke of a candidate win an election against the one opponent said joke could beat in a general election does not make said propagandist a 'genius'. Motivating the masses via hate is a political tactic as old as time. The "left" has become accustomed to "people blindly agreeing with them" because, yes, the majority of humans agree that being judged based upon the actions of outliers in one's ethnic grouping isn't fair and because, yes, quite simply, capitalism is easier for those who have access to capital, and those who don't have access (to capital
  9. You forgot G) Lucky Read Fooled by Randomness. Then come back to this thread and keep trying to convince yourself he's the "far-outlying" [sic] being you're hoping he is so you can continue to justify your own racist viewpoints by associating them with 'genius'.
  10. I wonder if people thought we were the same person for years.
  11. albums a moon shaped pool magnetoception blonde M3LL155X life of pablo long trax epoch lots of people seem to love coloring book. doesn't blow my hair back. maybe it's just me.
  12. Thought about you today, my man. Hope all is well.
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