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Let me share a story, it'll help to pass the time.

I had four paper bags with empty pawn cans, thirty in each (15 stacked in two layers). After getting off the bus, I put them between my legs to check the time. The wind direction suddenly shifted and 10 seconds later, while I was watching as in trance, about 140 cans had blown/rolled down on the main street through the town, some bumping back on the high curb on the other side.

One car had already driven over some cans and other cars was stopping behind it. Then this old man standing next to me said probably the worst thing you can say in that situation: "I sure hope you're going to pick that up". Which I of course was planning to do, but his comment pushed me over the line.

So I just walked away, trying to look moderately interested like everyone else, and pretended that I had nothing to do with it.

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