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  1. potrzebie

    The Hideout

    I have autism, some other diagnose that I've forgotten, and social phobia (but I'd rather call it social incompetence), so about 500 meters from my home I lose all confidence and feel like I'm left to the wolfes. The story is that I discovered that a local pizzeria had open to 22 on saturdays, instead of normally 21. I threw on some clothes, went there, and three/four outdoor tables had pretty drunk companies at them. As usual I just wanted to disappear, but you gotta do what you gotta do, so I changed to plan B: get in fast, get the taco roll and walk out the other entrance. Too fas
  2. I've fantazised about killing persons who has more or less killed me (mentally and morally, not psysically) but what would be the point after they're dead? What I really want is 1) that they understand what they did 2) that they're not worth more than me 3) an explanation. I'm not sure that you can get that from a murderer about to be executed in a way that's supposed to look humane and sterile. I'm not sure you can get it from a murderer during his entire life sentence either Only God knows what happens after death, so he should decide. OTOH: * Juha Valjakkala and his girlfrien
  3. Well, of course he did. That way, nobody can complain that God lives in the blue and doesn't know the pain of being a human. So christians win that argument too. They're kind of lazy though, christians, when it comes to making stuff up. It's always simplified. I suppose that adding the threat of hell and/or the promise of heaven makes up for it. Jesus never had any disease, no bodily imperfections, no love problems, and he never got his thumb pinched by a closing door. --- For some reason, christians enjoy the story about when all the disciples abandoned Jesus when he was c
  4. Christians love to choose from their arsenal of argument weapons, and often they don't even have to make sense. When asked about bad things happening in the world, two of them are: * God wants us to be free, he doesn't impose on our freedom, that would be a violation of our rights. * God wants to have a relation with us, and that we seek him. Now, transfer this to raising kids. Imagine letting your children do whatever they want. No grounding, no other immediate (which is very important both for children and criminals) consequences. If your 5 year old want to break the piano, ju
  5. I don't know why it took me so long. Jesus is christian people's hero/idol/role model because they want to be like him. Always having the correct answer, lecturing others, somtimes in cool riddles or using numerology. Free of sin while everyone else are sinners. Well, not free from sins, but they don't have to ask the people they hurt for forgiveness, Jesus gives them that and accepts them just as they are. No need to change, no reason to evolve forward, no use for human relations, Jesus is all you need. This hero died for us, yet he lives, so you get to eat the cake and keep it at t
  6. potrzebie

    The Hideout

    Let me share a story, it'll help to pass the time. I had four paper bags with empty pawn cans, thirty in each (15 stacked in two layers). After getting off the bus, I put them between my legs to check the time. The wind direction suddenly shifted and 10 seconds later, while I was watching as in trance, about 140 cans had blown/rolled down on the main street through the town, some bumping back on the high curb on the other side. One car had already driven over some cans and other cars was stopping behind it. Then this old man standing next to me said probably the worst thing you can s
  7. I fear no man. Only women, and I see a lot of them here. Is that out of line? 🙃
  8. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. * He sacrificed his son, not himself? Heck, I could do that if I had a son, and Abraham almost did. Can I saifice my mother instead, or isn't that worth as much? One of the ten commandments is "respect your parents" but there's none about parents respecting their children. * He loved the world, not humanity? Revelations clearly states that this world shall be destroyed (in seven steps of agony of course, not just by a ray from the death star) and then God
  9. I've said a few times, before I raise with K-K, "you better have A-A". Somebody always calls, then you lose or win. Still kind of a bad thing to say, I guess. I'm a bad loser, so if someone hits the ace at 1/3 probability, at least I got to say a decent quote.
  10. Are these actually just boxing matches you're hoping for? Jackie Chan vs Russell Crowe could be better...
  11. Yeah, didn't think so. New balls please.
  12. I don't have time for you bozos. When you've found your father dying in the toilet, at 10 years of age, and being religiously raised (image carrie by stephen king then divide it by two) by your mother and grandmother, come back, one year. No soup for you.
  13. I don't get it. Don't people have sex the most in the summer, on their vacation or when the power goes out because of lightning? Off topic: as a computer programmer, I'm proud to be the 256:th person (they put a bracelet on you) born at the hospital that year.
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