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Official **wsop Main Event Final Table** Thread

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I so hope Begleiter was bluffing. That would be the greatest thing ever.
lolBegleiter Shoots the Moon Joe Cada has the button. Under the gun, Darvin Moon raises to 1,300,000, and Steve Begleiter puts on his thinking cap. With the deliberateness of a surgeon, Begs stacks out a re-raise to 3,900,000 and slides it forward. Moon thinks about it for just a minute before making the call, and the two men went heads up to the flop. It comes 3s.gif4s.gif2d.gif, and Moon instantly checks. Begleiter, again very deliberate, continues out with a bet of 5,350,000. Moon peeks back at his hole cards before re-capping them, and the crowd begins to stir as they sense the drama unfolding. Sure enough, Moon makes a healthy check-raise up to 15,000,000. Begleiter takes a big gulp as he studies Moon. After a couple minutes, Begs announces an all in for 21,000,000 total! Moon rocks back in his chair, clearly not liking his predicament, but he's got a ton of chips in there already. After a few more minutes of head shaking and frowns, Moon returned his cards to the muck and Begleiter's cheerleaders erupted in ovation at that monster pot. We've got a new chip leader at the final table. After that surrender from Moon, Begleiter is up to 44,100,000, trailing only Eric Buchman (51,800,000) now.
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Ivey wins 3 pots in a row. 12 million now<h3 id="no125145">Hand #92 - Ivey Moves In on Shulman</h3> Jeff Shulman has the button. The table folds around to him, and he opens to 1,500,000. Darvin Moon quickly folds his small blind. In the big blind, Phil Ivey mumbles something. The dealer clarifies as he clearly says, "Player announces, 'All in'." Ivey has committed his final 8,450,000 to the pot as Shulman sits deep in the tank. The audience falls deathly silent, quiet enough to hear shutters snapping and keyboards being pecked away at on media row. Shulman sinks deeper into the tank, not even looking at Ivey really. Finally he looks up for the staredown, clasping his hands and mulling over this huge decision. Ivey looks cool as a frozen cucumber. After several minutes of camera time, Shulman opts to let it go, and Ivey didn't even flinch as he raked in the chips. Ivey has 10,500,000 on the nose.

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