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  1. Thank god.... I never thought i'd be thankful for Twitter.
  2. These guys are awful.. nothing but plugs.. WTF happened to the game???
  3. I wish they would talk about the hands.. no their damn websites..
  4. Only in my nightmares does Annie yell 'OOOOHHH' that loud.
  5. Ok. it finally got here but I had to pay 15 bucks for customs...
  6. My order was shipped two weeks ago.. still not here. There is a tracking number but who is it for? (ups, fedex, purolator)Any update would be great.Screen name: MisFit
  7. My personal opinion is that I have extremely disapointed with the amount of players on the network... is it really that hard to find 9 ppl to get a .50-1 no limit game going???Nobody to play with = no bonus clearing = no FCP points (which are twice as hard to earn now) = I'll find somewhere else to play.
  8. So I log in a couple of days ago and I notice that the on-game portion of the bonus had been cleared. I do admit it was much more money than I thought I had cleared but thought nothing of it.Now... I log in today and there is $300 less in my account... Was there an original mistake? Did this happen to anyone else?Screen Name: MisFit
  9. Ok.. I now have the 20% bonus money but am still missing the 325 bonus that I was clearing when the transition occured.
  10. Is the new software not have the bonus information?I can't seem to find it.
  11. I just logged into the cashier,.. and my account balance is $0.This is messed.
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