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  1. Your Girlfriend is a moose who dresses like a slut and you are a ****
  2. "Do you really believe that my blog offended any homeless people? Say, if you let them watch it, do you think they would care that I used the term bum, or do you think that they might focus on the fact that I'm empathizing with them and the horrible treatment they recieve?"I think you missed the point Daniel, my concern was not that you offended homeless people by calling them "bums", it was the fact that you are an influential figure (even if you are comfortable with it or not) and as your blogs are watched by hundreds of thousands(?) of fans around the world (including many who seem to hang
  3. It is not about being Pc in every situation at all, it is about using your head and thinking a bit before you speak. The site is called bum fights, yes, but judging by the nature of the content in the site, surely it should be obvious not to use the word "bum" when talking about the people (victims?) in the videos. Im not doubting Daniels intentions at all, as I believe he really does think it is horrific, but it just seems to me that in every other blog he seems to be getting high and mighty about one thing or another.
  4. What was Daniel trying to achieve in his video blog? All he achieved in my eyes was to give the site a hell of a lot more traffic. I also thought Daniels wording was way off with his constantly calling them "bum's" when he realised what he was saying I think he should havereshot. I know that it was obviously a wording mistake on his part but still I was a bit annoyed about the blog. Maybe he should get of his high horse and keep it about poker and we can avoid all this nonsense.
  5. Is the network down? I cant log on and my cashier accoun says I have 0.00.:-/???
  6. Poker doesn't conflict with Christianity at all but gambling certainly does, so playing poker for money = hell and damnation.
  7. Agreed! I know many people who have turned away from Fcp beacuse of these problems. If the network didn't have the best interface, most fish and great support I would have quit playing here myself.
  8. Jamie Gold wont even have close to 6 million, when he pays tax and Johnny Chan his cut he will be broke.
  9. This must be the funniest thread on here. I shat myself thrice times.
  10. Great. I know for a fact that I do get charged tax on items that come from the US. Will the tax we paid be deposited into my poker account then? I might save up my points for one of those gun cases, just to see the northern irish customs go mental when it arrives.
  11. I just discovered the FCP store after playing here a few months and Im surprised at how fast my fcp points have grown. Is there a catch? It all seems a little too good to be true.
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