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You guys take your TOP's very seriously.

Sir...I like you.....don't make me kill you.I am the motherfucking wingmaster!Ask my bitches!/convo
Until you put one in Wisconsin, particularly where I live, I cannot confirm this.
no B-Dub's in WA?
Went to b-dub's today. 12 hot bbq and 12 medium wings.
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I got the ban hammer for that. I had to beg my way back in. I don't post pics of girls kissing anymore, not even the ones with me in them.
Wasn't there an entire thread with this?Anyways, I go home on Friday. I'm pretty sure the first thing I'm doing is going to Lou Malnati's, there's one a whole 3 minutes from me.
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You mean Buffalo, NY...home of the Annual Buffalo WingFest where Wingstop has won Top Honors as Best Wings in the country the last few years.......Yep....I know it!
Now that you say this I'm making it a priority to go to the one in Glen Ellyn, IL which is only about 10 minutes from me.
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Lol, ok fine. Second best Razz player ever. Best razz player in that tournament he's playing right now. K?
This could be the greatest page ever.
I could get on that.
This thread is exploding.
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