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bump.So I need the advice of some investment/retirement/savings savvy type dudes persons.I am now officially 100% debt free thanks to an inheritance and have about 20k left over. I need some help trying to decide what to do with it, the overall goal being to supplement my 401(k) and social security (if it even exists) for when I retire in 25-30 years. I didn't want to put this in any other investment or stock market threads just because I didn't want to intrude on those ongoing conversations etc etc.Some of my thoughts:I don't want to spend tons of time researching and managing the funds on a day to day basis, so I'm not really considering individual stocks. Also, I don't want high risk/reward investments, but I'm not diametrically opposed to some risk for a smaller portion of the funds.I'm primarily looking at dividing the funds over 2 or 3 different savings/investing methods. Namely, some cd's, perhaps an IRA, and perhaps mutual funds etc. I've pretty much decided on 4 12 mo. cds so that I will have one mature every quarter for "just in case" money. I haven't decided on amounts yet but the institution I'm looking at doesn't have a minimum and has ~1.2% APY for a 12 mo cd. Or should I stick it all in one spot?Is it even worth going to an investment firm given the amount in question and the fact that I won't be in a position to make any real contributions to the investment for at least a few more years? Is there another avenue of professional advice I should consider?Thoughts?

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