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The A I N E C Thread

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Great butts > Great boobsAINEC
Great calves mean great legs. Great legs mean a great ass. A great ass means there's probably a nice midsection. A nice midsection means the boobies are good, . . . . or there's at least a decent enough frame to hang new ones on. So now we have a great body ... and ...A great body usually usually means we're looking at a cute girl. If not, there's always makeup. If makeup doesn't help, there's always the dark. But it all starts at the calves. Calves > anything else. AINEC
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US > CanadaAINEC(obv this post ws designed to spark scintillating debate amongst the forum members)
I don't think it's working out too well so far. Chocolate Chip Cookies > Oatmeal RaisinAINEC
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