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The A I N E C Thread

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Thats the beauty of it...mine was 22 at the time and definitely hot. I'm not going to go into details, but I guarantee my experience is better. She was raised Catholic...and once she got to release all of those pent up urges....
I'm going to have to disagree with you. See I've had sex with 17 hot (conservatively estimated as LA 9's) virgins and 23 hot whores. They all wanted to do anything and everything to please me and they all said I was the best thing ever. But, and here's the key point, when a virgin tells you how incredible you are, it sort of rings hollow because they have no reference point while when the whore tells you the same thing, you know that you are better than everyone else.Also,Real sex > made up sex
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Link?How come you haven't passed out yet?
I'm too stupid to look for the link, sorry.and he hasn't passed out yet b/c that drunk typing crap is fake, and annoying.
You know it's not two years ago when Royal makes a post like this, Ron makes the next post and doesn't make a Ron-Royal gay joke:
I've matured? NahI'm gone straight? NahI was focused on other issues, like FlushGardens ridiculousness? Yep
Righties > LeftiesAINEC
shut your face
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penises > vaginas AINEC
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Uh..maybe you don't know what, AINEC, means.
I do.
Suck up. :club: He'll let you on the boat anyway.Indifference >>>>>>>>> HeartbreakAINEMFC
I like Coke stuff better. A lot better. Diet Pepsi tastes like cardboard.Girls > BoysPirates > NinjasAINEC
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clevland steamer>dirty sanchez>golden showerAINEC

penises > vaginas
And we need clarification here, is this somehting we are looking to get or something we have? I have a penis, and I am trying to get vagina. Although sometimes I act like a pussy and then I am dick...................I am so confused now.
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