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  1. Thinking of getting a CZ75. Anyone have one? Pros/cons?
  2. Sorry I don't have the hh, but I was playing the $24 + 2 the other day on Full Tilt, I think was something like $20k guar. and $4,500 for 1st.I was down the to the final 2 tables running 14/18 but I had just taken a pretty big hit after I totally whiffed turn and river when I flopped mid-paid + nfd.Blinds are at 2k/4k Average stack is around 80k-100k and I now have about 49k in my stack.I pick up QcKd on the button. 3 or 4 folds to mid-position player who makes it 12k. Fold, Fold... Player in CO calls. Good spot for squeeze here or not?
  3. Reese's + Cocoa PuffsandKellogg's Corn Flakes + Frosted Flakes
  4. I would have carved "PSYCHO SLUT" straight on her forehead if I woke up and saw her snoring. Well first, I would have hit her in the head really hard with something blunt.
  5. OK look, here's the thing. I agree with raising someone who plays tighter/more competent. I understand the FE, blah blah blah.... Totally would agree with that.Raising a guy like this with Q high just seems wrong though. You know he's gonna put it in with any 2 every other hand so why not make our hand first and then make him pay? There's a reason they say you shouldn't bluff idiots. And I realize this is a semi-bluff, but we are either Wayyyyyy ahead or flipping a coin if he ends up pushing over the top of us. I pretty much want this guy around until the river no matter what. I'm trying to bu
  6. So I guess I'm the only one opposed to titty stretch marks? Don't get me wrong, I'd bang her, but that pic doesn't really belong in a "boobs" thread.
  7. :icon_doh:Hi.http://sandrarose.com/2008/10/27/video-dad...cking-4-yo-son/
  8. I think the white guy was mentally handicapped (retarded)
  9. I love the black rapist one. OMG that's funny.Hamster murderer on the loose fail:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhUHPhjStcs...feature=channelEdit: 1 more you queers in OT might like:
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