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  1. I would suggest keeping a very close eye on him when he shuffles the next 2 - 3 times.It is VERY hard to do what you are accusing him of, and do it well. If he is cheating, it will be clear as day if you watch him.If he keeps winning while you are watching and you can't spot anything, then I would simply chalk it up to dumb luck. Anyone good enough to stack a deck that well and you not notice would not waste his time playing with his "friends" for a couple bucks a month.In any case, cutting the cards should be standard in ANY game with ANYONE. That keeps this question from coming up.
  2. Your opponent may have had .Quite possibly AQ.As played, I check the river. You aren't getting called by anything less than a flush. Most like a boat.
  3. Poker Stars encrypts all data sent to and from their network.Even if you were using an unsecured public wireless network, no one will be able to decypher any of the information destined for the Stars network. If someone hacked your ISP and intercepted all of your traffic, they still couldn't read it.-----The following is taken directly from Stars support :Play-time security: We have a number of built-in features to ensure the security of the game itself.Our client software uses the certificates issued by our own Certificate Authority (CA) to authenticate our servers Our CA certificate key is 1
  4. In your spot, I would just call.I am a little more passive than a lot of people, but I like to play the flop / turn and make my decisions based on how things play out. One of the players has an Ace, if not both. More often than not, I see the big raiser having AK online. I like having the opportunity to fold if an Ace hits the flop.Ten high flop, I will re-raise any bet, or bet the pot if it is checked to me. Ace on the flop, I fold. J or Q I will be put to a decision on whether or not the big raiser hit his set.In short, I am going to call the pre-flop action at this point. I won't re-r
  5. Taking your entire situation into consideration, I would not be playing poker at all. Times are tough right now and gambling probably isn't the best thing you could be doing the little extra money you have. I know it is profitable, but you might find yourself forcing situations at the table in the future due to monetary needs.In regards to the poker alone, how many hands do you have playing .50 / 1 and 1/2 online? As with anything else, you need a large sample size. As mentioned previously, you may have run hot at 1/2 and cold at .50 / 1. Personally, I find .50 / 1 easier than .25 / .50,
  6. My bad, I missed the 6 since the first time I read the post.You're right, I do feel like Cobalt is beat. The villain just seems very confident on that board. More often that not, I find myself beat in this situation.
  7. Based on additional comments, maybe he knows you have Ace high and missed all of your draws. Your call here indicates that you know he is bluffing and think your Ace is better than his missed draws? What range did you put him on when you called?I am starting to lean towards the villain having 88-TT at this point. It sounds like he has bet you out of a lot of pots and thinks you are prepared to call him down with Ace high here. I'm sure you have been on the other side of this and feel like it is the perfect set up.Either way, I think you were beat on the flop and don't like the Ace high cal
  8. I am putting the Villain on 67 here.I think he bets the river hard because he is hoping you call with a smaller two pair.I doubt your Ace is good even if he is bluffing, he probably has a bigger one. I fold the river.
  9. From Villains perspective, he is calling that flop all day. C-Bets are common place these days and calling a C-Bet on that board is also very common. In his shoes, I probably do the same thing.Bet on the turn looks like a made hand to me from Villain's perspective. Maybe he is just stubborn and doesn't believe you (he was right). If I were the Villain, I am folding to a 1/2 - 2/3 River Bet. Unfortunately, you blanked the entire board and can only bet if you KNOW the Villain is folding.In short, play by both players is standard pre and post flop. Turn bet by Hero shows strength and a lot o
  10. I don't know... I have made the correct fold with the "idiot" end of a straight before. This particular situation was just tough to figure out. I figured he was pushing WAY too hard for some reason. Maybe he had the low straight and wanted my diamond draw out?
  11. After long deliberation, I decided to call putting him on some kind of combo hand.Villain had .I called and turned my cards face up. The Villain throws his cards up, stands up clapping and cheering like he just won the WSOP. He didn't even realise I had the straight!Of course he fills up on the turn and scoops my chips.Regardless of the outcome, it was a tough hand to play. To go through all of the emotions of leading out thinking I have the table crushed, to re-raising thinking I am ahead to being re-raised all in and wondering if I have a chance in hell to win the pot.I felt good about m
  12. Just a call, no raise.You are good most of the time, your re-raise is only getting called by a better hand.
  13. Live 1/2 NLHE.9 Handed.Hero BB, seat 3. Apprx $500Villain seat 8. Apprx $400I have been at the table for about two hours and have not seen anything exceptional from any of the players.I am dealt on the big blind.There are three limpers in the pot and I check the Big Blind.Flop $9 in the pot.I lead out with a $15 overbet to protect my hand in an attempt to get the weak flush draws out.Two limpers fold and the player in the 8 seat (across the table from me) raises to $45.I think about the pre-flop action (or lack thereof) and player positions for awhile and decide to raise. I tell myself tha
  14. If it were HU pre-flop all the way, I'm not going anywhere. But since it started out with 4 of us seeing the flop, there were just too many combinations.Thanks for the advice on how to post my hands from now on.
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