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    Poker, what else?
  1. A quarter and a not so old but slightly used condom......
  2. Dogpatch

    The Hideout

    Yea, I've been away from poker awhile myself. Lost my job that was letting me play and deal all the time. Been working a hit job since then. Finally got up a little stake and lost it playing in a game I should've crushed. So back to the drawing board.
  3. They're not accepting the one I have, and it is an All Access card. And yea, I don;t want to go through the trouble of a bank, just to find out it doesn't work either.
  4. Dogpatch

    The Hideout

    Definite yes. Semi-chubbed. An insecure man would feel the need to be fully erect, but a semi (or a medium as I call it) is much more fun. There's nothing like slamming a whole chub in a girl's mouth then watching her choke as it becomes erect.OHAI GAIS!
  5. Yeah, I know. Just don't feel like messing with a bank right now.
  6. I picked up an All Access card today, it activated, but neither FTP or Stars is taking it.
  7. Dogpatch

    The Hideout

    That's what she said?
  8. OMG HANG!!!! Dude, what the **** up? Let's rummage through theses couch cushions for some TP/MM mobneys.
  9. I've got people in the local games playing the hell outta the krab.
  10. Dogpatch

    The Hideout

    So when I left, huh?
  11. Dogpatch

    The Hideout

    WAZZZUPPPPP?!?!?!Popping in to see you guys. Had a decent little poker day. Won a $15 buy in tourney, then cleaned out a little cash game afterwards, I was running good all day.Well, I'm gonna read a few pages and see if anything requires a comment. brb
  12. I've been out of the scene for awhile, some of you may remember me, maybe not. Anyway, I'm just wondering if anybody knows, do the "Vanilla" Visa gift card work for deposits?
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