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  1. **** KreidlerOh why can't we just play cards online
  2. Thats betterJack wasn't seen much last episode so that means he's probably gonna cap a couple guys this week
  3. I'm broke online and have no money left, so the immediate future of me playing the big sundays tourneys again isn't going to happen for nowGL FCP
  4. I guess you finally broke evenGood to see another FCPer make 50K+ in one night over the internet. I'm sure this makes up for all those 1-outers, barely
  5. I remember that magazine cover, I actually had it like a few years ago, back when Christina started to be a whore, woow those were good times
  6. There will be no updates. At a table like that he will die a slow, tragic death, same with the eventual fate of this thread
  7. Yeah but he could still whoop your ***, through a internet connection of course, but he'd rock youI'm scared of anyman that puts a razor between his butt cheeks
  8. Joe Rogan may be an idiot, but for what he did with Carlos Menstealia, he'll always be a cool guy in my book
  9. Wow did I LOL'D the first time I saw that, someone have a link?
  10. Funny cause I went to a car show today and there were a t least 10 Deloreans, where did they find them all?
  11. This is true with teachers having sex with students and other sex scandals. Also if a guy touches a girl's *** and she reports him, he's in deep legal trouble. Vice-versa and I bet he gets ignored.But they're whores of they sleep with us, and we're pimps if we sleep with them. I love the male race.
  12. It was a bit drawn out at points, but I liked it as well. The characters developed real well due to it being drawn out and their was lots of action and other things men like
  13. Any possible way to appeal?I feel for you, stay in school, I'm sure a lot of good schools will overlook it to get your scores and resume to their college. That sucks though.If you go to a new school or not back to school, try to reapply and see what happens
  14. HI EVERYBODY!!HI DR. NICK!!!Actually Dr. Nick was the famed doctor who prescribed over 7,000 pills to Elvis in the last year of his life, probably contributing to his death. But yeah, great to be male
  15. There's thirsty kids in Africa who would kill for that glass of water. Seriously, some of you have to gain some respect for our world scene and stop being such self-centered assholes.But man does that glass look good
  16. fukkkkkkkkkkkkThat really sucks. I hope he returns to Florida and doesn't transfer, but I won't blame him if he doesEyank, you got another FCPer for next year, but without Alanstats that really blows ****
  17. Season 4 still does it for me, but no complaints, this season is shaping up very well.
  18. I only watched Inside Man because everyone on here was talking about how good it was.I saw it.My turn: Please go see it, it's really good. You'll like it.
  19. My lunch is in 10 minutes so I'm ready to eat. I got a lacrosse game tonight so I'll try and not kill myself with cheeseburgers
  20. It's a whole lot harder to make that play when the other person is staring at you rather than sitting in front of a computer. Wow. GL today and take down an event for us
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