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  1. How about this one....if DN cashes it's a winner right? 2012 WSOP* Main Event – Who will last longer in the 2012 WSOP Main Event? One player must cash for wager to have action Daniel Negreanu -130 Annie Duke -110
  2. Another thing I don't like is that once you leave a table, you can instantly sit back down with a lesser/different amount than what you left with. I think this could especially be an advantage in heads up play.
  3. Out in 30th...77<JJ.Ty for the try!
  4. 5,470 at 2nd break..avg is 5,800. 46 left
  5. Sounds good man...in 384321782, gl to me!
  6. Sure dude...thanks!!
  7. What the hay..ill run one. jbizzle333 (Brainerd)
  8. DN is up 10.5k...he can fold his way to victory, not that he would ever do thatedit: right after my post DN says "38 hands i could fold out from here and win, but i'd never do that."
  9. Dumb question but I've looked everywhere and can't find an answer which makes me think I know the answer. What does the winner get besides the winnings from the match? Just satisfaction?
  10. You da man...tytyty BOB- I'm in for the LL jbizzle333
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