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  1. If Wash Pitt Chi and Det all lose round one I win my pool almost by default because ill be the only guy with players left
  2. Thats not true, Colorado only needs to win 3 games because SJ won a game on behalf of Colorado
  3. Jordan Eberle has been invited to Team Canada's world championships camp. Most think he will make it too and do what Toews did when he played for the Juniors and Big team.
  4. Hardly a punishment, San Jose always loses first round! And beat em.
  5. i laughed out loud at that. and the pther 2-3 too
  6. In the NHL playoffs not bad does not cut the mustard as they have found out how many years in a row?
  7. Edmonton won the Draft Lottery and gets to keep the #1 pick.OMG I was acctually sweating the results of it lol
  8. This is exactly what is gonna happen. As terrible as Horcoffs contract is, Souray wanting out means we have cap space and might as well keep him, hoping he decides to play up to value.Edmonton is gonna finish bottem 5 next year. I have no doubt about it. As much as I'd love to see a worst to first turn-around, it aint happening. Adding rookies to a bad team never helps the first year. Even Pittsburg and Washington were bad when they got Crosby and Ovechkin year 1.
  9. Not happening. GM Steve Tambilini would be hunted and killed. He knows it too and has made many statements saying we will be keeping the pick. The only maybe scary thing he said is that he will not draft Hall or Seguine, instead letting the scouts pick for him.
  10. I have a feeling his days as an Oiler are numbered. Im a big Hemsky fan and hope he stays here because with the right people he is a 90 point a season guy and I think Eberle and Seguine(Basiclly everyone thinks this is who we will be drafting if we get 1) could be those right people.
  11. Thank god your GM was pissed off and not level-headed when he matched the offer sheet. I bet he wishes he didn't because we would be ****ed
  12. Sheldon Souray wants a tradeYet ANOTHER player wants out. WTF is fair trade value for this cry baby?
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