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  1. I'm sure there is some rule about stealing immunity idols somewhere. Also at the start of the season, Alex was introduced as a Harvard lawyer, so yeah, he's smarter than us
  2. I read it all and it will not be a happy day for Daniel. Price of fame comes anyone from everywhere drawing conclusions
  3. This is why you don't trust people named Nigel
  4. I actually went out on the exact bubble spot in like a 500-600 person tourney. It felt pretty shitty, but cant imagine bubbling a WPT Event
  5. This is my brother's favorite show on TV, I havent watched it but may give it a try this week
  6. Terry was by far my favorite contestant I can remember, also Tom, I think thats his name, he stabbed a shark which was BADASS and went on to win. I was happy with that result
  7. Okay, listen to me very carefullySpend every single last cent on strippers and blow
  8. WOW!I really hope that goes through
  9. Could I dump my best friends, my life and everything I've done just to move to Vegas and to play poker and party?-yes
  10. How come I don't know about these, they sound hilariousLink?
  11. It's always a wayyy shitty feeling ending up with 800-1300 when a couple thousand more is so so close
  12. I'd call here. He could have Ax and protecting it or the King of hearts
  13. I'd be pissed, but fold is right more times than wrong
  14. I missed the registration by less than 5 seconds, so no not this weekPlaying every other little tourney on the internet tho
  15. I thought you got banned for awhile?Oh and how much?
  16. Jeez even the boy in the plastic bubble had a deck of cards-enjoyed the story though
  17. Life has some strange twists and turns
  18. Part of the heel of his foot started coming off, like the skin on the bottom of his foot starting seperating and flopping around, it's deatailed in The Professor, Banker and Suicide King
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