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  1. clear cookies, history, etc. etc. uninstall FTP.do not go back to the site. go straight to the rakeback site you want to use, and download FTP via their link and then create a new account using a new email address obv. pretty sure that'll work if that's what it comes down to.
  2. Ship me $100 on Full Tilt. I'll take care of it from there.
  3. Agreed. I think we can bet this river for value.
  4. If he's not retarded, he has QQ, KQ, or AK -- he could have the diamonds to go with it. I'd be careful not to let this pot get out of control, tempting as it is to ram and jam.
  5. When you're auto-importing from FTP and that box is up, look near the top of it and click over the the Observed Hands tab. There's a box that says 'do no import observed hand history files at this time'. See if that's checked, because I had to uncheck it when I downloaded and started using PT Omaha.
  6. LAS VEGAS - One man was killed and another person escaped injury Monday in an explosion of a small device left atop a vehicle outside a Las Vegas Strip resort, authorities said.Hey, what's that on my hood? Eh, whatever. I'm going ho -- KABLAMMO!Anyways, doubtful it was a test run for something bigger. Most people intent on blowing something big up won't pick a random car.
  7. Depends which site. Full Tilt is simple because all you do is leave tables open, and point PT to your Hand History folder so it can scrape the data. Ultimate Bet requires a downloadable tool from PT.comBodog requires a downloadable tool, but I believe that one costs around $15 to download because it's from a third party site. I'm not sure if PokerStars works for datamining.
  8. One stupid thing?That's... a bit of an understatement.It's like saying [insert hilarious and accurate analogy here].
  9. Is it because it's slang for tampon or menstrual blood? I don't know if DN would use that for an SN.
  10. Yep. We call it running bad, my friend. Now get it out of your head and go log a winning session.
  11. I'm pretty interested in the long term results of my datamining. I'm fully aware that a lot of people I'm currently seeing stats for probably don't play a lot of PLO, so I can't wait to filter by those who have over 50,000+ hands played to really start getting a better breakdown of winning players and losing players.
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