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  1. why will you be living there at this time?i am planning on huslting up a stake and setting the apple this wsop. all the way from london.as the majority of my friends are degenerate gamblers i may well be going on my own.. BUT I AM GOING. and I WILL BE BRINGING HELL WITH ME (poker hell)anybody else doing anything similar?i want 50k to take, jut came second in a 100 on interpoker for 5 dimes which is a goot start.
  2. i see your 2 pints, friend.. and when the going gets tough, its time to bring out the big potatoes.. im centralizing the ashtray!i think youll find, as a tourist, the gutshot (said through gritted teeth) is your best bet.personally i prefer the vic because of the character of the place. if you could pick up a copy of 'The Big Deal' by anthony holden, for the journey.. youll see what i mean.. also the vic has gamblers, where as the gutshot has poker enthusiasts AKA stamp collectorsfocker out
  3. this was very impatient. it would seem you steamed at someone for little to no reasonpeople that steam this fast will not make for a good poker player
  4. the card in the phone booth with your mother's number on itBIG BOOTY B1TCHES
  5. i bet you think mike sexton isnt good at poker too.what do you mean he doesnt look like hed be good at golf. hes an old school hustler.
  6. winning your first tournament is amazing.respect from peers also good.if a great player says your great, thats a good feeling.
  7. Online poker is a activity that people, for the most part, do entirely on there own. For some people it is a bit of fun, but for others like me, it can take up a huge amount of your time and also be your sole source of income.The majority of people get jobs, where they work with colleagues and very possibly in teams. To get along at work, they must interact successfully within these teams. And if they want to excell in there jobs they will usually have to excell in these social interactions within the work place.When it comes to online poker, you need none of these skills to be a success. Fo
  8. i have noticed that the standard of play on crypto has gone up since the americans have been banned.espescially in the omaha games.
  9. you cannot yell via the internet.and if you are going to criticise people for cursing maybe you shouldnt curse in the very same sentence.someone should revoke youre chat because you are a moron.
  10. the most MORONIC statement i have ever seen on the internet since its existence.and instead of bragging about "bailing us out", maybe you should take a min to consider why it took so long for the US to intervene while adolf was trying to take over the world.
  11. you, yes YOU, are the dumb americans im talking about.who are now wasting there time copying and pasting, rather than playing bad poker... against me
  12. "i trust god speaks through me. without that, i couldnt do my job"this prick has ruined inter poker. no dumb americans any more. no omaha games.no offence.where have you fled to?
  13. i am, and always will be, in love with shana hiatt.if anything bad ever happens to happen to vince van patten's brother then someone call mark sloane and send him round my house.cos i did it.
  14. why isnt poker x factor wher eyou have t o sing infrontof PHJR, sexton and ivey?why?
  15. so im between houses right now after getting booted out my mum's.no internet, so today i went in an internet cafe and discovered resolution.the tables were really small and i could pull up 6 tables easily. so why not pull up 12 in a type of overlapping pyramid.so im playing on inter 1 2 nlhe and Plo, and click click clicking.after an hour of this i want to watch the england game so i leave, i didnt run good at all and lost all the key pots where i had the best hand.but i had no idea it would cost me $1000. so i had 8k in the tank, now i have 7k. for me thats an unprecedented swing in 1 hour.BA
  16. i really feel that it depends on how good a player you are.a good player could get by with 15 buy ins.a bad player might need 25 cos hes morelikely to lose buy ins.more power to you if you can step it up to like 50 1gl
  17. you have to realise that poker is relatively new in europe. and look at the talent that surges out in such a short period of time. you guys across the pond sort of a head start.anyway, pokers a very individual game. and theres such a varied amount of people playing from each country that its hard to draw a conclusion as to which nationality is best.plus the english are clearly the best.
  18. is willliam hill a crypto skin?wtf is going on!?anyone got any info on inter poker and where they stand on these issues. don't want my money to dissappear.
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