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  1. My two cents: don't worry about building a stack in these things
  2. Lonny Huff here. You know, the strangest thing happened to me the other day. As some of you know, I'm a jogging fan. Everyday at 5 am, I jog three miles to the store to get cigarettes. Anywho, I use LA Gear running shoes... I know it's not "Hip", but results are what matter to me. Plus, they light up when I hit the pavement... some times when I'm really pumping, it looks like a whole bunch of Matusow ecstasy teens raving down main street with "Glow Sticks". I hate to be so flashy and awesome looking when I jog, but it boils down to two important letters... "S" and "I". Safety and I
  3. I know what you guys are thinking, but NO we are not related. I don't get it much, but I'm sure lots of people ask him all the time.
  4. "Be Somebody"... that's my new goal in life, starting Friday.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoUidwxIN_w
  5. Since you named your thread respect, I am linking to a great film clip that teaches the lesson of respect, specifically for one's mother... by Mr. T
  6. Lonny Huff here. You know, I chop alot of home games... I guess you could say I'm one of the best. Anywho, I believe in Karma. Now, believe me: I'm no saint. I'm a ruthless businessman. McDonald's is big business, and you have to be a bloodthirsty pitbull to assistant-manage the second biggest unit in Buffalo. Sorry, didn't mean to make this a brag post. So, Lonny... how do you raise your good karma? Funny you should ask. I 69 with bums. Everday after dinner, I head downtown to volunteer at the bum shelter from 6 to 9... not only am I lending a helping hand, but I'm doing a go
  7. Post of the Millenium. Oh, it's me... Lonny Huff. You know, I have a dash of Extra Sensory Perception... and I woke up in the middle of the night two days ago in a cold sweat. I ejaculated* "Daniel's childhood pictures", and was shaking like a leaf. Carlton rushed down the ladder of our bunk beds (hey, it saves space, and we can use our third room for workout equipment) and took my hand. "Lonny, wake up!" he screamed, and slapped me in the face... at least that's what they tell me. I guess my eyes were rolled in the back of my head and I kept ejaculating "Daniel's childhood pictures... B
  8. I confess... that is my picture. I wanted some feedback on my body, is that so wrong? To me, having a great body gives me a clear advantage at the table. Since I have great musculature, I am able to withstand hour after hour "grinding it out" without fatigue. Admittedly I can be quite vain, and sorry if posting my picture made anybody jealous. Come shout out to me at the circuit event, the salad/club soda offer still stands.
  9. Lonny Huff here. I whole heartedly agree, other person. I was the first member of FCP, and have watched you all grow and tweak your games like a proud adoptive father, who had to adopt because his penis doesn't work. I would be lying if I said I wasn't crying right now, out of joy. I applaud you and the rest of FCP for consistently owning the whole internet. Now, if only I could convince my roomies Carlton and Geoff to sign on.
  10. I think Lindsay Lohan is an brilliant musician, but average at best as an actress. One gripe about the pics posted guys... a little less skin please. I don't know about you guys, but nothing turns me off more than a pretty girl with cleavage. No thanks, Ms. Lohan.
  11. I'm driving from Buffalo, leaving tomorrow! I will be wearing my green outfit, so holler at me if you want to have a few club sodas or some salad at my place. -Lonny Huff
  12. Heck, I was so caught up reliving this that I made a huge mistake. Johnny Awesome was two to my right, not left! I hope you all can find room in your hearts to forgive me. I know I'll never forgive myself. J/K ! We all make mistakes, that's why I was born in the first place. - Lonny Huff
  13. Heck, who doesn't pay taxes on their winnings? Seriously.
  14. Golly, you Europeans sure do live on the edge! The neatest thing I've done in weeks is go all in with a draw in a 3.30 mtt with 5 blinds left. I'm not saying that Lonny Huff isn't hard... Geoff, Carlton and I just like to keep it on the downlow. But hey, to each his own. BTW, if you are ever here in Buffalo, don't "Nick" anything from the pink house with orange shutters on Pleasant St.
  15. Hi guys, Lonny Huff here. Last night I had the most incredible adventure with my roomies Carlton and Geoff. I got home from McDonald's (I'm the assistant manager there (sorry, didn't mean for this to be a brag post)), and was unlacing my LA Gear when Geoff storms out of the bathroom with two fanny packs over his shoulder and one on his waist. Carlton was dozing on the fouton, and the ruckus startled him... before I had 3 of the four shoelaces undone, Geoff tossed Carlton and I a fanny pack and screamed, "Let's go guys, there's no time!". Now, as you may know from my accidental post o
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