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  1. Mulroney hasn't been PM in 15 yrs. Martin's and Chretien's Liberal party corruption caused the abrupt change of direction for Canadian politics a couple years ago.
  2. It is funny that in the same post DN thinks it's bad fiscal policy for the US to have a weaker dollar, but then laments the movie industry in Toronto suffering because of the weaker dollar (Guess what, the studios in Vancouver have closed up shop too). So the US needs to have a stronger dollar so we can send jobs back to Canada??? I don't think so. The weaker dollar creates more demand for our goods worldwide. Everything we make is cheaper. Would you rather have a Boeing 777 or an Airbus A350 if the 777 is $30 million cheaper due to currency exchange? Guess what might be the next cas
  3. this poll can't be accurate. with all the booby/butt/half naked girl avatars, there just has to be more under 17. maybe they are afraid they get kicked out if they are under 17, so don't answer truthfully.
  4. it's done in a casino, where you can ensure that everyone is of legal age to gamble. just a guess
  5. Having lived within 20 miles of Canada most of my life, this is my opinion of the Cadadian national identity. Talk to any Canadian for very long, and they will give you some version of that. Talk to most Americans for very long, and the subject of Canada doesn't come up.Canadian health care? So the doctors and nurses going on strike, the hospital bed shortages, long waiting for most medical procedures and doctors leaving for the US at the first opportunity make a good healthcare system?And I guess if gay marriage is your only concern politically, then you would be enamoured with Euporean
  6. sorry, first time I ever posted here. You wouldn't know me if I did tell you my real name.
  7. absolutely. criticism and dissent by citizens are necessary in a democracy to induce change, not every political system though (like Cuba's for example). However, criticism by foreigners is usually not productive. Did Hugo Chavez's criticism have any effect on the U.S. when he was here a few weeks ago?
  8. should I put my real name and address in my user id, like you did? is dead your legal first name?
  9. quite true. but as an American, do you think it would be helpful to the Canadians to go up there and tell them how screwed up their government is? Or do you think they would reject any criticism from an American as being an uniformed foreigner and write your opinion off?
  10. please elaborate. and tell me if it's any more faulty than DN saying Bill Frist passed the bill all by himself.
  11. if you have an overnight houseguest, would you appreciate it if all they did was tell you how you run your household wrong? Espcially if their household was screwed up too?
  12. It's ok, I realize you have to put down the U.S. to justify your national identity. I'm sure you would also be the first one to move here, if given the opportunity. But really, you have a government leadership position (prime minister) that is not mentioned in your consitution. Isn't that a bigger joke? Isn't your version of a senate a bigger joke? I suspect you didn't have a straight face when you typed that.
  13. Any of you Americans tired of these Canadians complaining about the U.S.? DN's Oct. 4th blog is just one example. Complain about our politics? And you're from a country where the office of prime minister, who is the head of the government, is not even mentioned in their constitution. They just kind of made the office up, and since nobody noticed or cared to stop it, the made up office is the head of the government. The leader of the Canadian government is appointed by the queen of England, through the governor general (appointed by the queen). And U.S. politics is a joke?The Canadian gov
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