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  1. I can understand that point of view, which is somewhat true, poker and the site is just a hobby. So any criticism is fine, even being called a retard.My big mistake with the interview was sending the audio to a new transcriptionist...it was clear after getting the text back that the guys were from india (based on their names) and they didn't know american slang, anything about survivor, or poker.I spent so much time relistening to the audio and trying to fix what they wrote, I got bleary eyed....I should have reread it a few more times before putting it out.Here is an example of what I got ba
  2. was $3700, now $0.00 from his twitter.
  3. Why exactly do I seem 10x more retarded than Jean-Robert? I can use some constructive criticism.
  4. I finally got an email back, you have to email the guy and tell him where you want the cash.
  5. Last time I checked his twitter he was down to $0.00
  6. Barry's take on what JRB said about being spotted 30% :
  7. I put some money on the site to buy pieces of players; however, all players like to get paid on pokersites and not through chip me up....so how do you get money off the site? I watched some of the auctions but they are stupid...pay $0.90 just to bid...and the auction doesn't have a finite end...ridiculous.They probably also use shills to keep the bids going.
  8. I've gotten an email like that before...it's usually some dumb guys colluding against you...basically whipsawing you.
  9. You've seen him be a jerk on Survivor China and the WSOP, now see him actually be a nice guy in print!Interview with John-Robert Bellande
  10. Good Reportexcept for this... yuck.
  11. First he's in the xmen flick, now Katy Perry's video...big time! Rough losing with Quads.
  12. Learn to Win at Texas Hold'em with Daniel Negreanu...any idea where to get this video, some lady emailed me about the review I did looking for it.
  13. from the interview: http://www.pokerlizard.com/interviews/JaredHubbard.htm
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