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  1. the word you're looking for is indicative. Up $140 now, and trust me some of the play is shocking
  2. Has anyone noticed a change in the level of play since US players stopped playing at Party? I assume US players cannot play because I haven't seen any for days. I play at the pot limit 0.10/0.25 holdem tables (low limits I know), but I'm doing better clearing the 900 hand bonus than I ever have before. I'm up $90 after 650 raked hands and it looks like the standard of play has gone down quite alot.Any thoughts?
  3. I'm considering doing the first time deposit bonus. It says the clearing rate is 9 poker points per dollar. Are these the same as FCP points? If they are, then the deposit bonus is basically giving you all your rake back + 11%. Can someone help me out with this? Thanks
  4. Hi,I have read the thread but I would just like to know: If I was transferring some money into a neteller account then transferring it straight away into party poker, could I run into this problem?Thanks
  5. Hi,Before you answer give them to you, I'll say a bit more! I've got about 7800 points, from just playing out alot of the deposit bonuses. I work 36 hours a week so don't have a great deal of time for poker. I used to play alot of tournies but not any more because of the time. I don't mind playing a few tournies now and again. I play 25 pot limit, I'm alright at it, but I'm very tight by nature, so probably doesn't transfer great into a poker player. So what should I do with my party points???cheers
  6. not if you think your opponents have aces, kings and queens in their hands
  7. PL owns, I'll explain why - fish can't go all in pf with AK, QQ or JJ, and can't go all in with flush or straight draw on flop. Less variance more $$ 8)
  8. By quoting him you're showing his message while his original has been edited. You might want to edit you post?jaffa
  9. from my experience most americans don't know what a jaffa cake is, but it is the most delicious cake ever, hence the forum name.http://homepages.force9.net/swamp/jaffanet/jaffa
  10. excatly.....why raise 7xBBI would raise 7 BB with AA if I thought I would get action. Especially from fish like rwood described.
  11. I see your point. $3 pot and you were the only one with the nut low.jaffa
  12. I agree - that's why my username on stars and party is banana_poker jaffa
  13. jaffa_cake

    how old are you?

    20. Been playing for about 3 and a half years.jaffa
  14. If you really want to learn about the hand in question you should try and find out as much as possible about the table before playing no limit. If the table is tight and passive (likely), then if you have no chance of beating this guy then fold. If you have AA or KK, then raise about 1.5 x BB. see what the flop is like then betaccprding to that
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