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  1. This whole hand is gross. This isn't NL where you can take rags and rep things to get people to fold.
  2. Just call the flop 3bet, no one is folding to a cap. If an 8, 7 or 9 comes off I slow down on the turn.Cap river... omg. Only one hand beats you, and he often shows up with 87/88 here and we can win a lot of bets.
  3. Any bet you make there absolutely reeks of a bluff. If you want to fire again to try to get him off a king, then pop the turn.
  4. FYP. 1 extra bet on the turn+1 on the river.
  5. Just what I was going to say.Sure you are getting 6+:1 on your initial preflop call. But playing junk out of position with ~$200 left to bet postflop isn't a good prospect.
  6. Looks good. Bottom set on that board is a gross hand. We can't really flat call since the only cards that look good to us are an off suit 2,3,4,(maybe 5) and a 7.I like a raise and then fold to heavy action like that. If the SB pushes and we can call heads up, I would probably take the chance he is on some draw or 2 pair rather than a higher set.
  7. I fold this preflop usually. It's the kind of hand that will give us huge headaches when we flop anything but 97x.As played I probably bet-fold.
  8. I have a funny feeling that the table broke after you went broke...
  9. With a hand like TT98ds there are a number of good flops, but hitting your draw won't always win you the pot. Your possible flush draws are to the 5th nuts, so it is very easy for your opponent to have a higher flush draw.People that are new to Omaha (but have some knowledge) are often mystified that heads up any two playable hands are very close in value. While this is true when you see all 5 cards, postflop playability is a much bigger factor in how hands play out. That's why Omaha is usually played as pot limit and not no limit. There are many post-flop intricacies that make the game wh
  10. That is, 38% equity when you see all 5 cards. You can't profitably call here because there isn't enough money left behind for those relatively few times you do hit.
  11. Fold to the preflop 3bet unless the guy is a real lagtard. I am serious. With 40% of your stack in there are very, very few flops you will like calling all in against when he pushes the flop with his obvious AAxx.In fact, if the guy is nitty, just call the original raise. Kings aren't nearly the powerhouse in Omaha that they are in holdem.
  12. I've only played triple draw a couple times, but shouldn't the guy who made the 2nd nuts be raising the river?
  13. That's the only way to play it.Prediction: Villain had QQxx then bitched and moaned about your play.
  14. Looks like it. With useless threads like this showing up on the main page all the time, it's no wonder this forum is dying.
  15. Definitely check-call. He donk bet into us on the flop, which is often a Q. If we check-call we might even collect a bet on busted flush/straight draws.
  16. Most of the time neither player will have anything in that situation so you won't get any action. But that isn't a bad thing at all, picking up a small pot without a showdown is a fine result.
  17. You want him to call that with poor odds. BBFIDTS
  18. I 3bet preflop, especially against that min raise. Cold-calling isn't terrible, but you HAVE to bet that flop when it's checked to you. With 2 opponents any Q, K or A could easily put you behind.
  19. All the HH converters I tried had a cow about this Crypto MPP tourny HH so here it is raw. Once the flop came down I started thinking "how am I going to get all this guy's chips?", then he made it easy for me Game #6682136044: 5k WSOP Final (ID6818048) 1,000MPP+0MPP - Hold'em NL (150/300) - 2008/04/06 - 17:16:27 (DST)Table "6818048 - 1" Seat 1 is the button. Seat 1: potter (6538 in chips)Seat 4: Nachtmaar (22266 in chips)Seat 5: Safira sits outSeat 8: chesterdr (8421 in chips)Seat 9: MATTZOMB (9640 in chips)Seat 10: Gaben86 (18413 in chips)Nachtmaar: posts the ante 25Safira: posts the ante 2
  20. In full ring I can usually find a fold on the turn. A check-raise on a harmless turn card reeks of strength. But in 6max people do silly things with hands like A9, QJ, etc here.
  21. There are lots of casino/poker rooms with smaller field tournaments that would play more like a multi-table sit n go. Last year I played a few at the Sahara that had 45-75 people per tournament.
  22. If you're playing NL ring games, you can always leave the table and join a different one so you aren't sitting on 300BB+. Winning lots and then playing your non-A game isn't terrible, as long as you know when to leave the table (ie, when your game gets into C territory).
  23. Out of position I don't mind a fold here. If we were on the button it might swing me towards cold calling...
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