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  1. You seem to be missing the fact that a big stack means you can forego playing marginal hands, especially against the next biggest stack.
  2. Okay, we have the position thing sorted out. How is position an advantage if you call off your stack?I'm fine with the preflop call in position. The trouble is your opponent correctly charged you too great a price for your draw and you paid him off. Now he continues with pot sized bets and you are in a jam. You can't raise him out now (he is committed). Don't make it this hard on yourself.
  3. I'm a tight SOB and my range on the button here is ATC.
  4. Don't float the flop, he bet enough that you don't have odds to call. If you want to gamble with your draw and think he is weak c/r flop. As played, fold a(or call and run good I guess).
  5. +1 for the get well soon!
  6. Okay, I'll bite.56s+, 9T+, 68s+, 8Js+, PPPlay well postflop.
  7. Why you are straddling probably does matter. If you are trying to loosen up the game or build a big pot--you should call things are going according to plan.If you suddenly care about hand strength and odds--you are getting 11:1 (assuming two more callers). This is not any ATC price. You can call with a wide range, however you will be out of position relative to the aggressive players in the hand. Assuming they have premium hands (would make sense based on the info presented) you need a hand that can flop bigger than two pair to continue.
  8. The action in the hand doesn't match your description of the players in the game. I think you need to reconcile that before you decide if you want to continue in the hand.I think I would want a suited-connector hand in this spot.
  9. OP,You need to listen to these guys. Their advice is spot on.Maybe you should just consider the live games as entertainment expense and leave it in your household budget. If you aren't accounting for that expense as part of your night out you are doing yourself an injustice. It doesn't have anything to do with your skill level--one buyin isn't enough to realize your EV even if you can crush the game. So call it what is (entertainment) and correctly account for the cost. Don't assume the gambling money will come out even in the end (win some/lose some, etc) so you can ignore that money in
  10. A bit of a sw in the above reply.I see what you are getting at, but I think the information the button has is too unreliable to fold for one bet.If button knows your exact range for UTG raises then you are right and he has to infer that two of his outs are missing from the deck.It is hard to construct a scenario where the information button has is rock solid enough to alter his play based upon your line.If it is an 8, then half of your range takes away two of his outs--so discount 1 maybe 1.5 for 6.5 to 7 straight outs.If it is a 6, then 1/4 of your range takes away two of his outs--so discoun
  11. He should raise with his double gutted draw.
  12. Remember to evaluate the information you get through your action. You raised p/f, everyone called. The likelihood that there is an A out is higher now, based on their calls, than when you started the hand. Also, shorthanded big card hands are better starting hands than suited connectors. You will often times have poor odds for your draws based on fewer players at the table.
  13. I'm not a short handed player.Your attempt to isolate failed. I think you should give up on the C-bet when everyone comes along.
  14. Do we give up anything if we fold this p/f?I don't think so in this case.
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