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  1. Phrases coined by Shakespeare. Can't all be true... or can they?
  2. See you then. BTW I'm only slightly gay not a full blown faggot.
  3. You are arguing relatives. Is something that is soaked in fact wet? Is something that is dry, arid? Was Crocodile Dundee carrying a real knife or just a really big knife?
  4. Same dictionary.DampadjectiveSlightly wetApparently the very definition.
  5. Definition found in Oxford American Dictionary-Wet- noun- Liquid that makes something damp: ei. I could feel the wet of her tears as she begged me to stop.
  6. I'm, like, so popular now.
  7. This is starting to sound like an episode of Law & Order.Hacker suspect
  8. I think I'm more proud of getting two people to respond. That makes me 2-0.I actually agree with you. Have really high hopes this year, but don't think 2-0 start against SF and MIA is that big. Still, this team has a track record losing easy games.You'd be surprised how big a deal 2-0 is down here combined with Warner having a perfect game.
  9. Scenario #2- Let's say BTN calls my checkraise and turn comes an offsuit 5, now I'm OOP with a Q and my FD with one card to come. What's my course of action if I know he's not folding at this point? c/c, c/f?
  10. BTN has sat down 4 hands ago. No real reads other than him calling a min bet in the SB and donking into the BTN on a KQT board for a 3rd of the pot.SB is probably best described as TP, but he will raise his good hands. Played a hand earlier in the session where I 3bet him with AK in the SB and he snapfolded, since then he's been limping the BTN. Post flop I have seen him get stubborn with top and mid pair, calling them down reluctantly. Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.10 BB (5 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comUTG ($13.85)MP ($11.90)Button ($10.15)SB ($10.00)Hero (BB) (
  11. I hope I didn't come off this way. This was more based on a statement my friend made about AK not being that ahead of random hands and whether I would have risked the same amount if I was playing 1/2+. I try to think of stakes in terms BB's instead of $$$, which is why I kinda discounted what he said. But, it got me wondering how many BB's would I call with or whether that should even matter. Like I said, I'm playing .01/.02 for practice before I get back into NLHE cash, but i don't want to be doing/not doing things in practice that I would be doing in the games I am BR'ed for.
  12. I plugged in same as above as well as AA & KK but also AJo+, KQo,KQs. KQo may be a little wide, but I don't think AQo is far fetched. I was punishing this guy in the blinds all day and he made very few stands, but chatted about the repercussions of betting against him. I know he 3bet me with JT once, but it was at another table when I had like 400BB. Pokerstove put me at like 62/38 or something. I don't know if I'm using this thing wrong (I used pokerllama.com for a long time, but it takes a long time).EDIT: Meant to reword my statement, "Obviously, I think I'm ahead of his range..."
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