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  1. I'm on a month to month release schedule. February 15th will see the second novel in the series "Skyfire" If I manage to keep to my schedule, I should be releasing the first in my private detective on Mars series "Rosetta" in March (those will be stand alone novels... no need for the full series to understand what's going on)
  2. we're each other's alts...Thanks guys!!And yeah, I've been hearing a lot about my crummy description... I think it's because I'm either 1) too close to it because I have an idea of the larger world where it's heading over the next few novels I'm publishing or 2) I suck?Either way... thank you all for your feedback/support... I've missed ya'all!!!
  3. Well, at least I'm provoking a reaction... that's all any author can hope for! (on a side note, seriously? Why so?)
  4. Hey everyone - It's been a long time since I logged on here, but I wanted to promote my new book that I just finished and published through Smashwords (I got tired of all the rejection letters). I'm hoping that my old friends here on FCP might like to check it out for free!(Mods, I'm hoping this isn't considered spam... if it is, I apologize and feel free to delete the topic!)Here's all the info:A modern day science fiction tale about a set of alien artifacts left on our planet to help Humanity avoid certain destruction. A thrilling tale that mixes romance, cutting edge science, the consequen
  5. I love that this thread is still up and running
  6. I like seeing that this thread is still up and alive...
  7. ricker

    The Hideout

    Wow, the hideout has kinda died hasn't it?
  8. Nice, what station do you work for? I'm in radio doing afternoons here in SoCal
  9. Your analogy is flawed. You can't compare simple interpersonal relationships to an incredibly complex policy issue.It'd be more like Steve wants to mate with Mary, Mary wants to mate with Steve, But Carl who is bigger and stronger tries to beat up Steve to take Mary, but Steve calls the police (allies), or breaks out a handgun and blasts that douchebag away. Or something like that anyway.
  10. Yep, especially one as hot as Summer Glau. Makes you wonder if Terminator sex is as awesome as it sounds.
  11. Actually I believe this won't apply to you anyway. From what I understand, the rebate is scheduled for people who make under $80,000 a year ($120,000 if you're a couple). Seems exactly what the middle class needs. More mobnies to create the illusion of security and wealth when in reality, you have neither.
  12. mine too, but I pay for cable so I don't feel like I'm REALLY ripping anyone off on that...
  13. an excellent point, but I like to pay lip service for the suits who might be reading
  14. The first four episodes were released on the intertubes. I'm so happy this show is back. Please keep in mind, if you are gonna watch it online now, turn your tv on in Feb so we can make sure this show doesn't go away again.
  15. I'm not sure, but whatever they do, it'll be interesting
  16. It's been said before, I'll just say it for this thread. You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl. Personally, I can't wait til the Lifetime TV movie on her starring Valerie Bertenelli.
  17. ricker

    Iowa Caucuses

    Huckabee's projected to win Iowa, and Obama got 37% of the vote.Fanfreakintastic.
  18. ricker

    The Big Dump

    nice...I read best of craigslist too...
  19. I love her so much. I've never been with a spanish broad before...giggity
  20. Do you just wake up everyday with the uncontrollable urge to troll FCP? The idea that violence is the only thing "they" understand is a racist and backwards way of thinking. Do you know what really saved Europe after WWII? The rebuilding efforts led mostly by a huge infusion of US cash and resources. If the US spent the same amount rebuilding the Middle East as they currently spend on active duty troops, the goodwill created would do more in beating the terrorist threat than any number of bodies we produce in a war that has the US headed into a recession.
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