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  1. Hmmn - gotta say DN your integrity took a hit shilling that poker software Stacked many years back. Worst piece of poker software ever, IMO. Disagree with Rose about the hair though - it was time to give in and shave it off, so good for you.
  2. Unfortunately, yes, I am sure some portion of the gross (disgusting gross, not accounting gross) amount of income tax I pay goes toward that, in addition to all the other school fees I get to pay over and above that amount.I am glad I straightened her out before I had to go hunting around for a private school which does not blindly shill all the GW propaganda. Hopefully some do exist if she relapses.I guess maybe I should not deny her the liberal experience, as someone once told me that if you were not a liberal when young, you had no heart, whereas if you were not a conservative when old, you had no brain.I already know she has a good heart and a good brain, so I think I will just skip the nonsense.
  3. I turned my 14 year old into a conservative just the other day (she had been starting to have some troubling left wing leanings based on what they were telling her in school). All I had to do was show her my T4 slip for the year and explain where the income tax deduction was going, and how the more you made, the more you paid. She was horrified. Mission accomplished!
  4. And a link to a video explaining "Fakegate", for those not wanting to put out the effort to read the Washington Post article on the faked Heartland Institute documents:http://www.kusi.com/video?clipId=6777499&autostart=trueLawsuits may follow. Pass the popcorn!
  5. Can't blame the GW crowd though. Some of their bretheren are actually starting to look at the data and verify what us "deniers" have long known to be true.http://www.edmontonjournal.com/business/Im...3092/story.htmlAmen.
  6. I think you mean "nice forgery". Paul Harvey time....http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/eth...qjTR_story.html
  7. I suppose this may be piling on, but does anyone finally think that maybe the "random hand generators" were maybe not so random after all? I mean to say this in the past meant instaflaming (and maybe it still does), but in particular I wondered about the following:The rebuy hours in rebuy tournaments - worst hand almost always seemed to win when getting it in preflop - not a bad scheme for building the number of buyins.How about letting new players to the site have an early win (or extreme run of good cards to go deep) to make them think they had some skillz, only to eventually find out they did not - kind of like the bird beating his head against the wall for a pellet.And we already know about the superuser accounts......My guess, dirty on many more levels than we will ever know, but sure would be interesting to find out. I just hope Bub and Jesus don't drop the soap in the shower.....
  8. Maybe it was because I don't play much any more, but I really enjoyed the live coverage, even the 10 minute tank call of Lamb's trips. It was pretty impressive to hear some of the logic that Antonio and others were spewing out re what a person had to have, and almost always being right. And even better in one hand where the two players both had air and were playing a real game of chicken and the prediction was dead wrong about anyone having any piece of the board - think Phil was predicting that hand.Plus it was fun to watch that Moutinho gal.....I think it is a real positive step forward for the WSOP. I am going to be anxious to see what their ratings were, but my guess is quite high. And it is going to make watching the Tuesday night broadcasts even more fun, especially watching Lamb abuse the tables preflop as he seemed to be doing quite a bit.So I hope it continues in the future. The only rule I might suggest is no electronics at the table so the players could not be fed info while at the table about what happened 1/2 hour earlier - they can save that for the breaks.
  9. Frustrated with feed today. Asks you to download Veetle HD. Do so, then get message "Audio only". Too bad as enjoyed the last couple of nights.Any other feeds anyone knows that work? Thanks in advance.
  10. I feel kind of fortunate in a way that I never became a winning player, so when my poker mojo went away (it returns from time to time, briefly), and then the online issue hit, I was not even impacted, other than they have changed the time of the big tourneys on stars to better fit the eurodudes - I used to like to watch the final tables.Probably the best thing about getting into online poker though has been discovering this forum. Enjoy the DN blogs, and the various humor/debates/flamewars etc in general and DN blog forums. I still use Iacceptallinbeforetoseethefloop on my wife LOL - she hates it so.I recognize that many of you are still young and single, but for those older, and with families, the loss of this hobby may mean more time spent with them than you otherwise might have, which may not be a bad thing. Anyone else ever recall taking a laptop with an aircard to a playground so you did not miss the rebuy hour of a 3 buck sunday million qualifier while keeping one eye on your kid? LOL at those obsessive days.
  11. Even though Obama claimed he "did not want to spike the football", I still think he will eventually get his Ickey Shuffle on and allow photos to be leaked.
  12. This.I made a vow in grade 11, sitting at a bus stop waiting for a school bus one morning in early November while it was about -40C (is that also -40F), that I was going to move the hell out of this fricking iceberg country one day. Almost got a job in Naples Florida after graduation but they would not pay for move, so held still. Life then got in the way and 20 years later still freezing nutz off for 8 - 9 months per year. If was just me, would have gone south long ago, but with mouths to feed, just can't take a chance on going bankrupt if any of us ever got really sick when living down south.Can't you guys just annex us????? And let us Grandfather in our health care system? 2 weeks every other year in Arizona just ain't scratchin my "I hate f.ucking winter with a passion itch".edit: and now you know why I am so pissed that this global warming thang just ain't working!
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